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The reason I own dogs
Do your job Spike! The jahova's witnesses are here again!
by ShaneV December 16, 2007
A person who enjoys taking off his trousers and forcing his ass into people's faces, then running away laughing immaturely. They are allowed to do this under the false pretense that they are a religious groups, they use the media to help portray this image.
I was walking along one day and I was approached by a jahova's witness claiming he wanted to preach to me, I knew that he really wanted to beat me up and press his butt onto my face, so I kicked the **** out of him before he could do anything. I was put on trial for assault, but managed to turn the court around by mentionning that he was a jahova's witness and gain £30000 after sueing the homosexual for libel.
by waffle April 08, 2004
A religious cult that gets together on every Tuesday and Thursday to drink the punch. They can't do math correctly because they haven't figured that the number of 144,000 has been reached and there is no point of continuing the cult. They also cannot read the Bible, so they made their own which is way shorter and with pictures for them to understand only what they want. They also are very gay people that made a web site called, which they dictate like Nazis. If you have time go onto their forums and write random things. They also travel in herds.
A jahovas witness was spotted away from his pack, trying to grab another male.
by Da Greek May 20, 2004
The sexiest people ever, that come to your house. They wear white robes, and carry spears. They take children away from their families. <3
The Jahovas Witness's are going to stick a spear through your throat and smother you in their white robes.
by JAHOVASWITNESS=LIFE January 31, 2009
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