Rastafarian God
Praise Jah and all hees creations mon.
by Tim M June 25, 2003
Top Definition
Gods name as based on the Bible, commonly refered to as Jehovah, though the abbreviation is taken also from the Bible.- Jah

Commonly extracted in Rasta beats, which amongst other religions recoginize gods name as being Jehova
Singin for Jah
by LMC July 07, 2003
The alias of Ethopian emporer Haile Selassie is Jah Rastafari a.k.a Lion of Juddah
We'll be forever loving Jah... - BOB MARLEY
by Avi September 17, 2003
JAH iS known as the Lion of judah ...AKA GOD...and some members of the rastafarian faith find it offensive to use it as a slang for marijuana even though it is widely used in our culture...
by traumaslde September 24, 2003
Jah can be rendered as Jah or Yah and is short for Jehovah or Yahweh (or Yehowah) in a poetic sort of way. This shortened form of the divine name appeared 50 times in the Hebrew scriptures, 26 as Jah or Yah, and 24 as Hallelujah. The word “Hallelujah” is Greek for a Hebrew phrase. The phrase translates as a literal command to a group of people to “praise Jah,” or “Yah.” Literally, "Praise Ye Jehovah."
My strength and my might is Jah, since he serves for my salvation.
#jah #yah #hallelujah #jehovah #yahweh
by coupedehill September 23, 2009
A catchphrase used by Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) on "Wayne's World" created by a mixture of "yea" and "duh."
-"Are you sure this is right?"
-"J'ah! Of course it is!"
#yea #duh #wayne's world #catchphrase #saturday night live
by stikshift February 20, 2007
Rastafarian God, also slang term for weed.
1. Pass tha Jah mon
2. Praise Jah!
#weed #jah #god #rasta #bob marley #blunt #joint
by Kaz Chaos February 17, 2009
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