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Maybe one of the best reggae singers of all time. You can just feel the passion in his voice. He started making songs back 1997 when he was 18, but in 1998 he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison because some girl said that he raped her. There are many facts that show he didn't do it, but he is still sitting in jail. Even though he is still in jail he still records music, in fact he made some of his best songs while he has been in jail. I think his best songs are "longing for" and "prison walls", which is sometimes called "true refections". Anyway if you never heard of him or those songs you should check them out even if you don't like reggae music, I guarantee you will like this.
Only you can make me feel, just like a king
The love you give to me so real
Makes me give in

What am I longing for?
My baby to love me more
What am I longing for?
Babylon to release Jah Cure

Thats from "Longing For"

Behind these prison walls
Doing my paces
Doing my time
I am, Spending my restless nights
Visioning faces
Oh they all crying
Prison ah nuh bed a roses
The livity it makes me ball
I wish that jah could come and take us back in time
Cause I swear
That I can be a better man
Yes I swear, if only you could understand
The faith in me shall set me free reflection
The faith in me shall set me free reflection

Don't judge me wrong
Cause now i am stronger than I was before
I was young and unwise
Didn't you hear my cry
Impossible to see the change
That I've made in my life
All they see is just the boy I left behind
Cause I swear
I can be a better man
Cause I swear if only you could understand
I swear
I can be a better man

Thats from "Prison Walls" aka "True Refections"
by shag1 December 30, 2006
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