A rectum ripping turd. Excrement that requires much effort to expell, and feels like is made of gravel and safety pins. Opposite of a slippy
Oh shit, it's a jaggy! Nnnnnnng!!!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
Top Definition
A term used by elitist pricks in the videogame industry to describe a non-anti-aliased image with sharp edges. Generally only used when they can't think of anything else to lodge a complaint against.
OMG! This 1024x768 screenshot has JAGGIES! Never mind that I'll probably never see them once I play the game on my TV, but I think I just cut my eye!
by TheLostSkeleton August 04, 2006

Scottish colloquialism meaning spiky or prickly
That bam fell into the jaggy bush.
by akjw;gkjlba'hpi October 17, 2010
Someone who is jealous, especially someone close to you. A liar. Same as trick, snitch, envious. See: Fist Of The NorthStar (Chicago Northside term)
That jaggy-ass fool jumped my boy, then when he got his ass whupped, went and testified...
by Big Sine January 03, 2008
rough and dirty, of a suspect variety, not 100% safe
The east side of town gets a little jaggy south of Johnson street, don't hang around too long after dark.
by jay17 December 18, 2007
To cover the tattoos of a woman with your jizz (aka sperm,spoof,seaman,lovejuice)
Man 1: "Dude last night I picked up this chick with a couple of tattos... so I covered them with Jizz"

Man 2: "Dude you totally Jaggyed her!!!"

Man 1: ".... Hiyeeee Fiveeee"
by Lyndo January 19, 2007
Asshole, jag-off. Can be used for either gender, but especially suitable for a condescending asshole joke of a man.
That dude just cut me off! What a Jaggy.
by The Foxx August 16, 2007
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