1. The Jägerbomb is a cocktail combining one shot of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of a large energy drink, usually Red Bull. More generally speaking, the term 'bomb shots' can also refer to any different combination of energy drink and liquor. The birthplace of the drink is uncertain, although many references point to an origination in Ireland, where those giddy mics love to sing and dance while drinking their fuckin' Jägerbombs.

When multiple Jägerbombs have been ordered, it is common to serve them in such a fashion whereby glasses of Red Bull are lined up with an empty glass at one end. The shots of Jägermeister are then balanced on the lips of the glasses and, starting from the empty-glass end, the shots are consecutively knocked into the glasses.
Dago: Hey bro-skie, a couple of Heineken's over here, all right man? Fuckin Jägerbombs... they fuck you up! This is the only shit I'm gonna drink all night.
by Ginger Nut December 30, 2007
jager bombs are when you have red bullor some other energy drink, drop it into one cup and chug it back. usually height of shotglass worth of red bull, a shot of jagermeister, down 'er. Gets you smashed quick.
Marty: " aw man, last night we did jager bombs and i got wasted"

Steve:"lucky! jager bombs are the greastest drink known to man"
by LADYKR0N1K420 November 09, 2008
One of the best alcoholic drinks out. You get a shotty, pour some jagermeiter in it, then with a tall glass of red bull you drop the jager in it and scoll.Gets ya fukn hammered. Also one of the best parts in a hilarious youtube video, called "My New Haircut". watch it now. It has spawned heaps of parodies and other versions.
FAG GUIDO:JagerBombs? I F*cken shower in that shit. Yo Cheif, Two JagerBombs down her. (points in many diff directions) jager bombs, jager bombs jager bombs jager bombs
by stoner_pride_brahh February 18, 2009
A Jäger Bomb is a Jägermeister shot drop into a beer(or Red Bull if preferred) and then you chug it.
The ladies at the bar did five Jäger Bombs and got fucked up.
by Love Life and Live March 07, 2009
Stuff that will fuck you up completely. Rumored to be invented by Hitler
Damn those Jager bombs, they waged Blitzkrieg on my body & before i knew it i couldn't stand up, the battle was lost
by datguy1datguy2 July 14, 2011
Only drink consumed by people from Stornoway!

Always used as one for the ditch.

Great painkiller for toothache!!
Patient: I've got really bad toothache!

Dentist: Get down yourself down to the pub and have a jager bomb!!!
by stydave April 08, 2011
Drink that became popular after the YouTube "My New Haircut" video.
(One shot of Jager dropped in a glass of RedBull)
"JagerBombs." "JagerBombs." "Fuckin JagerBombs."
by yeayea1234567890 alsjkjdsf November 18, 2007

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