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the biggest loser rapper that ever lived.Everyone thinks he is sooooooo great. WEll guess what he ISNT!!!!!he is disliked by me and a loser named ryan.I cant rap for crap. but ill have u kno that he SUCKS. he is the biggest gay rapper every. HE is a wansta and he is just plain bad. SO to my conclusion, jadakiss is the biggest loser gay, crapy rapper , wangsta, retarted, stupid gay ever. ANd everyone on this page likes him..well i got news for you..HE SUX..he is worse than mark bellhorn and that is saying alot.oooooooooooohhh low blow.
jadakiss is a horrible rapper
by mark April 24, 2005
Jadakiss is the biggest loser that can rape. He cant even rape. HE is the biggest gay on this earth. I hope he dies. He is also one of the biggest wangsters ever...even bigger than JA rule. Thats a big insult. Jadakiss is hated by a loser names ryan. And i hate jadakiss and he smells like farts. You know what..you losers talk about he is a real gansta..well u losers are so fucking gay. SO to my conclusion, Jadakiss is the biggest gay, wansta, crapy raper that every was given the title a raper. ANd he is worse than mark bellhorn. low blow OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH.
Jadakiss is the biggest loser on the planet.
by mark April 24, 2005