Jadakiss is a rap artist, who is from Yonkers, not NY. Apart of the group the LOX (formally the warlox) and a member of D-block. AKA Jada.
jada's (jadakiss) as real as it gets.
by hotmami1981 August 20, 2007
Top Definition
The realest rapper out there. He's one of the only ones who keep it street and doesn't go mainstream.
Jadakiss has one of the greatest flows ever.
by Irishman August 05, 2004
da hottest rapper in d-block w/ a terrific flow
That nigga jadakiss is ill
by Chibu March 15, 2003
man why yaw hatin on Jada, jada is lyrically one of the best rappers of his time. His flow is ridic and his voice just sets it off, his only flaw is making a good hook throughout his albums. Other then that Jada is one of the hottest niggaz to ever grab a mic. He is also one of the realest niggaz to grab a mic.
top of the food chain/its just the way that i do things/dungaree seats in the blue range/im workin wit new change, gemini nigga wit mood swings/had the feigns lookin for new thangs/ i stopped playin wit birds, and started playin wit words/the money wasnt right so i had to stay on the curb/ and i'll be a playa later, but for now call me kiss if not that montega Jada/I KICK HARD BARS AND BLOW HARD WEED/ AND BE EVERY WHERE CUZ I MOVE AT GOD'S SPEED/ AND MY AIM IS TO MAKE YAW BLEED/YAW GOT IMBARRASED IN THE CLASS WHEN THE TEACHER USED TO MAKE YAW READ AH-HA/

When i squirt the chrome the funeral home/gone double they money this year off my work alone

nowadays errbody want to be like pac/till they ass truly get shot and they die on the third day. the dezzy got a beautiful ring/ i can hit any one of yaw options is a beautiful thing/body is finished maybe they can save the toothe/ CALL ME KISS OR CALL ME THE BLACK BABE RUTH

see him shoot/so when i say i got 7 45's i dont meen the BM coupe

top 5 dead or alive this ni is a problem
by Tazzubl July 05, 2005
One of the best rappers of all time, even to this day. Never went commercial, he's still street, but can pull off the best flow out there now.
"I'm the nigga that'll pop the king and scoop the queen, and take over the town with a ruthless team"

"And this is what got me the ass, honey said her drink was hot, so I threw my watch in the glass"

"Nigga I make pain cinematic, I spit Dope and you been an addict"

So many more I can't even type all of it.
by -John December 06, 2004
The nicest nigga out in the mixtape / underground along with his right hand man Styles P- Raw rapper who should not be judged by people names Jim . Comes from my hood of yOnkers - the 914 - so your know they hold shit down. RApper who is about to rip 50 cent in half - he'll be worth about a quarter.
Jim is on jadakiss's dick.
by bob bLaZe ->914 March 02, 2005
The best rapper to date, who is underrated and is also a great featuring artist, another up to his flow is he has excellent punch lines
"Glock with a full clip, ya'll keep droppin that bullshit, till you get popped like a bull whip."
by feniz1130 August 14, 2004
A real Gansta nigga, as a matter of fact from now call him gangsta Kiss,and he gives a fuck too,"lick shot for the lil' babies in the projects runnin' around unsupervised with sharp objects.
Jada K I double, likes to smash the shit outta hates
by Rizzo K-I-tripple October 09, 2003
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