A man stands over a woman and masturbates with a handful of quarters. He ejaculates on her face and simultaneously throws the handful of quarters at her while shouting "Ding ding ding! Jackpot!"
I met this guy last night and he totally gave me a jackpot. I went home with two bucks in quarters.
by pinkparka November 20, 2010
Top Definition
It's like saying awesome or sweet.
"I found some weed in my jacket, jackpot!"
by ash December 16, 2004
a very large payoff in a gambling game, especially the largest available
I feel like I just hit the jackpot.
by Light Joker December 20, 2005
A vessel kept under the bed to catch and contain ejaculate from jacking off. A sperm spittoon.
Aghhh! I need to dump my jackpot. That shit is starting to ferment.
by wolfbait51 May 11, 2011
An uncircumcised man stuffs loose change into his foreskin before a sexual encounter. Then his sexual partner pulls back his foreskin and all of the change falls out like a slot machine.
I went to give him a blow job, pulled back his foreskin and I was showered with quarters, jackpot!
by BernardBillingsly October 20, 2010
The state of being in trouble of ones own making or the making of another.
Bill really put himself in the jackpot by selling to that undercover narc.

Joe's in the jackpot because his wife saw him with that whore.
by paddy1998 January 13, 2010
Putting coins into your mouth right before giving oral sex and letting them fall out during oral sex where you then yell JACKPOT.
Megan said she wanted to do something new so i got out my spare change and hit the Jackpot!

Sarah was giving me head lastnight and all these coins fell out of her mouth damn did she hit the jackpot!
by 69MeBigBoy January 15, 2013
Used to define a person in a negative way. Generally because they are of dumb club slut, or just a total moron in general.

Generally, these people have no idea what it means to enter into a social situation, and maybe subject to repeated and constant ridicule. These people may have mild autism, or undiagnosed aspergers syndrome.

Generally speaking when used to define someone as a jackpot, they are the opposite of this term. A complete and total failure.
You met that guy/girl at the club at 2:00 AM? Wow, that is a real Jackpot!

We have an Asian friend and we introduce him as a jackpot to anyone he meets as a joke because he is such a dumb cheap bastard.

Wow, you really hit the jackpot with that guy/girl.
by MostlyHonest December 18, 2015
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