Jackin' (Jak-in)

v. jack·ed, jack·in', jacks

1. To issue forth man chowder in a forceful stream or jet; jackin'.
2. To eject baby batter in a jet towards a goo receptacle.

1. To eject goo stew forcibly in a gooey stream from a narrow opening in the wombjabber.
2. To make moist with a jacking of baby gravy.

1. The act of jacking a load.
2. A jacked jet of liquid spewed forth from the clit stroker.
Wtf? Imma jackin' my load into her goo receptacle when all of a sudden, a message pops up for WOTD. You dorknuffas interrupted a good dick sucking for this shitty shit? What a bunch of fuckin' fuctards!
by markishmark August 21, 2008
Top Definition
jackin is another word for stealing.
Example can be found on Ice Cube's Jackin for beats.
by trock March 07, 2005
1. to connect to a system via wire or ethernet

2. to log in to a website or computer
When I try to jack-in I get an error.
by DrZin July 13, 2003
lying not telling the truth
that nigga be jackin about who he smashed
by Thatniggab February 19, 2004
A chicago style of dancing to house music.
"Yo, check out dude Jackin his body to this music"!!
by Matt December 12, 2003
street robbery
i'm jackin that nigga fo' his ice
by Mark April 14, 2003
-Whats up tho.Where u comin from?
-Shit,gotdamnit.Jst got thru jackin.
-Eh gotta get it how ya live.

Girl:Ugh.Cant stand that btch.Always talkin that shit.
Instigator:Hell,gone get the jackin wit her then.

*If u evr seen Next Friday...When Craig was in the bthrm. Pops was like "Craig.Off yo ass and on yo feet.Aint no time to "beat yo meat"."Yeah.Thats called jackin.
by U herr me May 04, 2008
a slang for masturbating or jacking off.
"This chick got me jackin at work!"
by Shizean January 17, 2008
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