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The art of titty fucking. Fucking a girls "jacks".
So remember that chick I took home Friday? Anyways, she ended up letting me jack fuck her that night...
by Rosco Pico-train July 11, 2006
a jackass motherfucker.
Not only is Trailer an ass-eater he is also a jackfuck!
by Dr. Dandoi June 20, 2006
a complete and total dumb ass -- a mental and physical state occasionally caused by excessive alcohol or drug intake
The other night I got liquored up and barged into the ladies room like a jack fuck and took a piss in the corner.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
A person who is a mixture of a jackass and a fucker so as they are a super jackass of epic proportions.
Hey, watch where you stick that, jackfuck!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
a word to discribe someone who is annoying and won't go away or somebody who pisses you off. Basicly an insult.
Andy is such a jackfuck.
by J dizzle and M hizzle April 01, 2004
The term used for a jackass/fucker who drives like a complete asswipe. Can usually be spotted driving a Sunfire with fake rims or a suped-up white Cavalier.
That jackfuck in the white cavalier totally just cut me off...he must be in a hurry to buy more puka-shell necklaces and hair gel.
by Suzanne C November 02, 2006
a jackass/fucker
shut the hell up you jackfuck!
by steven ritchey September 26, 2003
Someone who shows the qualities of a jackass and also a mother fucker. This person also has many twat qualities. When seen traveling with other jackfucks they are usually referred to as a flock of jackfucks.
What a fucking jackfuck!
by Ron_Burgandy26_62 January 17, 2011