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The speaker of the house for the Weak Beagle Committeem, right hand man of the beagle...he will make you his bitch and give you a hot lunch if you speak poorly of the beagle
The dog from fraiser...Weak jack russell
by The Beagle March 14, 2005
A loving dog that is always faithful. Most Jack Russel Terriers are hyper and spunky. very lovable.
The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, principally white-bodied, smooth-, broken-, or rough-coated terrier. ..
A type of small dog, usually brown and white coloured, often used by farmers for rodent control

Wonderful protector of your family, and a faithful companion. the best kind of dog to get.

though they are a little tough to handle, you can't deny their precious face.
I lost my Jack Russel Terrier. she died. rest in peace shamrock.
by Luckyshamrock November 15, 2009