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To strike someone quickly and with great power after initial irritation.
I wanted to straight jack slap that boy when he started frontin on your ass.
by Fes October 09, 2003
v. - a severe and often extremely painful beating. Thus usually used only for intimidation purposes
ie.. "if you don't stop that shit I'm gonna jackslap you like a monkey"
by Zman July 18, 2004
a common term used by military firefighters, meaning to "dust of the bitch slap" or to "Slap you with the back of one's hand". This is commonly used from one soldier to another if someone says or does something stupid, pushes just the right buttons, or irritates another soldier.
"Soldier, I will jackslap the cowboy piss out of you if I don't get my goddamn newspaper back!"
by Bryan H. September 12, 2006
The act of shoving your index and middle fingers into another persons nostrils, pulling upwards while using your other hand to smack the stretched out nose.
She dumped me after I jackslapped her.
by C&M112509 December 01, 2010
When you hit a guy in the private area with great force.
*guy gets a jack slap and falls on the floor in great pain*
by sabrina!! January 30, 2014
The act of someone hitting another person in the face with a tire iron.
Person 1: Dude? Why the hell did you jackslap me?

Person 2: You pissed me off!
by Pillowpants9 October 20, 2010
To beat someone with your jimmy and bust a nut on their face
Get wise son before I hafta Jack Slap you!
by Dr Feelgood June 07, 2004
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