main character in Tim Burton's nightmare before christmas score and jack's singing voice by Danny Elfman
"...You know, I think this Christmas thing
It's not as tricky as it seems
And why should they have all the fun?
lt should belong to anyone..."
by Rachael murray February 28, 2005
Top Definition
King of Halloween Town. Brilliant, maniacal, soulful, with a singing voice to die for.

The embodiment of the phrase Dead Sexy
Oh somewhere deep inside of these bones, an emptiness began to grow. There's something out there far from my home. A longing that I've never known.

Eureka! This year, Christmas will be ours!
by Tephers July 27, 2004
Brilliant main character of my FAVORITE film..."Nightmare Before Christmas". The Pumpkin King and the Hottest Guy who's ever ceased to exist.
If Jack Skellington was human, I'd marry him in a heartbeat!
by Andi February 10, 2005
The most perfectly scarey/heartfelt charecter from a film ever The Nightmare before Christmas. "Jack Skellington" is the pumpkin king of halloweentown who is fatigued of the Halloween way of life. He wants more from life apart from scaring young ones and all. When he finds Christmas town he wants it so he takes it for himself. When its ruined he trys to fix it. He is a good soul who trys to make everything good but cant.
Jack Skellington is tall and thin with a bat bowtie
by Alfie Salisbury January 01, 2005
the main character in the nightmare before christmas directed by tim burton.
have grown so tired of the same old thing
by doorswhore June 10, 2004
the shit. (see also: bonedaddy)
Maddie: "our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch"
Gregg: "Jack Skellington freaking rocks!"
by deejaylovesmaddie December 27, 2009
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