A dick who acts like their from jerzzy or some one from jerzzy shore
Wtf dude you act like a fucken jabronie
by randomshit100 May 24, 2013
A Jabronie is the guy/girl you want to be. It's that person that everyone likes picks up all the chicks/dudes, and loves to party hard on occasions. Jabronies also play the chillest sports such as Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer etc....
Yo if you don't know what a Jabronie is yet you need to hop on the Jabronie Pony.
by A True Jabronie July 18, 2011
A word with any meaning you want it to have.
Dude, Taylor is such a jabronie. I mean seriously, he

is really a freak.
by my name is not daeee-ton October 04, 2010
To steal somthing un-important, such as a seat.
If two of my friends were sitting on a bench and one got up. I'de Jabronie their seat; I stole their seat.
by RjDizzle March 07, 2006

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