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informal for a person from Dijibouti, the country in Africa.
He is a jabooty, born and raised
by mac March 06, 2005
96 27
1)term used to describe a desirable booty, or backside.
2)short for "your booty"
It's not ja beauty, it's jabooty!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
61 37
a girl/guy with a substantial amount of flesh on the arse.
"look .. Shawanda got jabooty!!!"
by Wanda November 20, 2003
50 40
What a socially retarded person thinks "ass" means.

Anonymous: What the hell is that person saying?

Anonymous 2: He wants your ass, I think you should run.
by Adeel Shamwow September 07, 2011
12 5
Where the wild things hang out! A Social network named after a place in Africa...full of cougars, milfs, bulls and cubs. A place where the coolest, naughtiest things happen and you never want to leave
I am going to hang in Jabooty and find myself a milf to chat with and try to get naughty.
by Marli3 November 15, 2009
9 4