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noun: A certain statement, look, tone of voice, laugh, outfit, or any other gesture that is inherently pointed and directed at making someone jealous or undermining them in a subtle yet passive aggressive way.
She asked me what I was doing tonight, and I said, "I don't know I would have to see what Gena (insert name of anyone who would make the asker jealous) is up to tonight," it was a total jab-jab.

by The nipster May 11, 2006
Usually said in the game World of Warcraft for a crappy player
"Lol, that jabjab just jumped down from the arena bridge, he sucks!"
by crabz November 11, 2008
a subtle, verbal poke at someone. Usually to hurt or one-up someone.
Susie shouldn't jab jab Tony by talking about her new boyfriend in front of him.
by MaryGenevieve May 07, 2008
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