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An IRC bot developed from scratch to entertain and serve the guys in the undernet #PCMech channel, featuring games, weather, google search, spelling, currency conversion, temperature conversion, slaps, and other random sillyness.
force2> &cashCU 150
Jabetha> 150 CND is exchanged to 120.75 USD.
by Force March 22, 2005

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the closest thing to a girl that most members of #pcmech will ever get to.
TylerTs girlfriends are an exact copy of Jabetha, they just stand there and say stupid things.
by Propain March 18, 2005
A crappy mIrc bot written to entertain #pcmech with commands like &slap &kick and &burn.
force2 &smack blu
Jabetha smacks blu upside the head.
by BlueGundam March 17, 2005