A crappy mIrc bot written to entertain #pcmech with commands like &slap &kick and &burn.
force2 &smack blu
Jabetha smacks blu upside the head.
by BlueGundam March 17, 2005
Top Definition
the closest thing to a girl that most members of #pcmech will ever get to.
TylerTs girlfriends are an exact copy of Jabetha, they just stand there and say stupid things.
by Propain March 18, 2005
An IRC bot developed from scratch to entertain and serve the guys in the undernet #PCMech channel, featuring games, weather, google search, spelling, currency conversion, temperature conversion, slaps, and other random sillyness.
force2> &cashCU 150
Jabetha> 150 CND is exchanged to 120.75 USD.
by Force March 22, 2005
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