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1. Used to assess someone's understanding of a situation
2. Like ya feel? (ya feel me?) but with a "j" in place of the y
Kid 1: I stayed up all night practicing my stunts, and now I'm way tired right now. Ja feel?
Kid 2: Yea dude, ja feel.

Some other Kid 1: I totally forgot to study for my SATs and they are tomorrow. I'm so screwed, ja feel?
Some other Kid 2: Yea dude, ja feel.
#comprende? #y'eard me? #ya feel me? #jafeel? #do you understand me?
by RoneyDSmirk September 09, 2012
Suburban street slang for confirming someone's comprehension of your position on a matter
I'm just not really into guys that try to act like hard-ass cops to everyone but then take selfies with kittens when nobody's around, ja feel?
#naw mean? know'm sayin? #understanding #empathy #relate #concur
by Jaybone69 February 04, 2015
I understand; I gotcha; same; ditto
A: Took me a while to get the you know what
B: ja feel, don't worry
by realtswizle May 03, 2016
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