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Often confused with the G spot except that the j spot doesn't exist a lot.
dear bliss magazine,
Where's my j spot? my friends say they don't exist but my mum say's that she has one.
by Hal June 11, 2003
The japanese G-spot. Found on the exact center on the back of the neck.
I moved her hair out of the way, kissed her j spot, and she threw herself at me.
by Neros January 22, 2006
the desired effect or high achieved from the consumption of mariJuana
man that weed cookie really hit the J spot!
by pantycandy September 12, 2010
The J-Spot is the area that is stimulated during sexual intercourse with either a female or a male's ear. This act is also known as "Paul Style."
"Hey Logan, remember Scary Movie? He loved it in his J-Spot"
by zUzaque November 07, 2006
J-Spot is given to a person who's name starts with a J, and who is radical. The name is usually given to said person because they are the center of awesomeness, like a G-Spot. The name must be given to this person by a group of close friends.
"Dude, we decided to call Jena J-Spot cause she is so radical."
by WildRoseProductions November 12, 2007