An amazing brunette who is a little crazy and gets on amazingly with Caitlins she's a sexy beast and she looks after her mates and cares for them.

She is loved by those around her.

Such a dayumm sexxyy bitchh
See her there, the fit one?

Yeah, that's Izzy
by Oopsie-daisy March 26, 2013
an izzy is an erection, lasting only for seconds. the result in an izzy is almost as if you had been ball-tagged.
*gorgeous girl walks by*
"woahhh. just got an izzy "
"dude, what the hell is an izzy ?"
"fuckkk!!! it feels like I just got nailed it the balls!!!!"
" just had a second long boner and now it hurts like a bitch...that shit is awesome!"
by ifonlyyouknew. June 26, 2011
izzy a hot short girl who thinks there cousin is hot pretty much a sketch but a good person if you get to meet her
An izzy would blow u
by Izzy Izz December 01, 2010
to izzy someone. Rapidly hump them very quickly well slowly moaning out bird sounds. An izzy is done in private, and is mostly the best thing ever.
Dude i saw travis doin an izzy at sara's party.. It was hot as hell
by jon welt March 05, 2007
A sexy Puerto Rican boy who flirts with all the "wimmenz."
When he drives by in his evo, you can't help but stare. The guys lookin' in envy and the ladies lookin in desire for his sexiness.
He's a tech nerd, but he's the one you want to tap your ass.
He's nice, and a friend you'd want in your crew.
Dude: "Man did you see that Izzy in his evo?"
Girl: "Yeahhh I sureeeeeee did<33"
by KAR_in-a January 08, 2010
sex god that gives girls queffing powers. also gets all the cute girls, and can sometimes be a tool... most of the times is an assbag.
he's an izzy.

i did an izzy last night.
by naimiciz :) September 21, 2010
A BAMF whos extremely charming and totally gets all teh womanz
Girl 1:izzy is so freakin amazing
Girl 2: yea i know i wanna suck his dick
by Do you really wonder who this? March 31, 2009
person with the longest dick and super smart
melissa:did u know john is an izzy damn hes good
by ginta August 31, 2008

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