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Before consumating a sexual act a person defined as an Izzy would say certain things like "Scuse me while I whip this out" and "That's what she said" and "Papa Cock" to see if his/her partner would be turned on. In the abscence of desire they would then do an amazingly complicated - for some people - mating dance that looked like a more fun hip version of getting your ass spanked. If that also failed they would then do the "Shake Your Finger Dance" and when no results came from that then they would read embarassing lesbian erotica and then question the meaning of a Labia therefore killing the sexual mood of the erotic literature. In the very last attempt of "getting it on" they would tell their partner that they "Don't like it when you talk, because that means you're not sucking my cock" In the end no sex will be had by anyone and the person defined as an Izzy would go home and take off their pants and sit and read a romance novel and talk about hot Walmart Guy with her best friend who also happens to be a complete loser.
"Oh man, I became an Izzy last night! I was singing 'What's Your Fantasy' to one of my friends and then she chimed in! Never felt like more of a loser or Fuckface."
looks like a lezzer in the morning,but is preggaz to a "superhero"
izzy is a lezzer
by kwl kids February 05, 2009
A term coined for a dirty vagina that (due to a large amount of bacterial growth and build up of period blood and oil) has developed the distinct odor of three day old fish.
HOLY SHIT! That girl must have an Izzy, my nose is burning from across the room.
by Bildo the Quildo October 15, 2008
a derogatory term used to describe a left-handed person, derived from the Spanish word "izquierda" meaning left. plural: izzies
Dude, I bought the wrong type of notebook. It's all fucked up ... the spiral's on the other side. You damn izzy.
by right-hand supremist July 12, 2006
when you cleveland steam a car
when you izzy on christina's car and you fall into the it, in other words you shit on christina's car and fall into it and then you have to sit on a crazy carpet so the shit doesnt get on your mustang
by euwen November 07, 2007
someone who is a complete idiot. It is normally an insult givin to someone who had a stupid moment. An izzy is also an terrible friend, who will backstab you. Izzys have no brain, and are nosy nosy people
(A girl walks by)

Susan: Oh, look it's Michelle, she's such an izzy

Mary: I know she's so stupid

Susan: she also backstabbed Mandy
by Im da shit at rudd April 22, 2010
Nasty Dead Thing.
Follows you around and sucks your happiness away. Like a toad. An ugly, ugly, happiness sucking toad. You want to avoid this thing... but he will get attached to you quickly; i suggest a crow bar or rusty jackhammer.
"Who's that following us?"
"Holy shit, it's Izzy! Let's ditch him!"
by Luxxx4d June 04, 2009
A lying, dirty, manipulative, little bitch. This girl does horrible things to hurt other people; is said to be "down in the dirt with the dogs," she's so low. She uses everyone and only cares about herself. She doesn't deserve to have friends. Also, she's a huge druggie/drinker/smoker.

She's also probably spread a few STIs in the place she currently lives.

May remind you of a song by the Maine called "The Way We Talk".
It's a very good description of her.
guy 1: "Did you see that Izzy chick?"
guy 2: "Yeah, she's so dirty, even STIs get scared."
guy 1: "Wow. I didn't know people got that dirty."
guy 2: "They don't. Only Izzy is that dirty."
by ginevraC: February 22, 2010