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a girl that has a instant hold on you, perfect in every way.
that chick be iza for me
by jon fafebello March 05, 2008
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The prettiest girl in your school, generally small boobs but a pretty face.
Hey dude its Iza
Woooah, shes amazing.
by AvrilLavigneAddicted November 05, 2011
stands for impending zombie apocalypse. it is a theory that in some point in the not too distant future the dead will reanimate and spread over the world in months, weeks or even days leaving very few if any survivors. many movies video games and books have plots revolving around an IZA, some like dawn of the living dead cover the beginning, others like zombieland cover the aftermath.
sharpen your lobos the IZA is cumming.
by Dr. zombine January 20, 2010

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