You waited in line to get a late model iPhone before the price dropped $300 two weeks later, and within increasingly dimished time-frames, New! Improved!! models have already made yours obsolete. Regardless, your thumbs and face are practically adhered to the inevitably shattered screen. You don't even talk of apps with your friends; you just incessantly download more. You can't be without it; you'd do anything to get it back if you lost it. You are an iWhore.
Lola, a prior Crackberry addict, lost hers and got the iPhone 4g. Now she's a total iWhore.
by WebDeb January 09, 2012
Top Definition
cultish person who waits at Steve Jobs sacred rear portal for fecal manna to fall, so he or she may purchase the item before it hits the floor. Mass e-mailings from apple directly stimulate this person's ispot.
Jamie enjoyed listening to Apple press conferences with her credit card between her legs. She was an unapologetic iwhore, even though it had cost her friends and family. See i-whore
by gateskeeper January 24, 2008
person who buys anything that falls out of Steve Jobs ass. Probably had i-phone first day of release.
When Jessica was younger, she was a vivacious free-thinker. But the disappointments of life crushed her soul until she was reduced to little more than an itinerant i-whore, with a live feed to the the Apple Conference Center on I-TV, 24/7. It was easier this way.
by Gateskeeper January 22, 2008
when one becomes a slave to ones own iphone thru the constant use/growing addiction to it and separation anxiety experienced when not in arms reach of it

a condition created where you find it impossible to sit your iphone down for even a second, the need to look for new apps, use exisitng ones, texting, checking facebook, reading email, etc overwhelms you and eventually you fall into your own world where its just you, and your iphone at that point you've become an iwhore
It's 3am and already you're glued to your iphone ?

Just checked the time and had to see whats up on facebook

Really ? Do you have any idea what an iwhore you've become ?
by TeeDolla January 27, 2010
Someone who has to have every single unnecessary-but-shiny iGadget to feel good about themselves. iPod, iRiver, iTouch, get the idea.
Girl #1: ZOMGGGGG, there's a new generation iPhone coming out??? I HAVE to have it omg omg omg!!!1
Girl #2: FFS, you're such an iWhore
by iWhore July 29, 2009
Someone who borrows someone else's iPod and uses up the entire battery because they felt the need to go through all their shit.
Ugh, Tracy's such an iWhore, she wanted to look through my music and when she gave it back it had like a sliver of battery left on it!
by Katrinioso January 12, 2009
Defines an utterly stupid and incompetent person, who gladly would sell his sould, body, and genital parts to Steve Jobs, just to own an Apple product.
You can easely identify an iWhore, look for utterances like the following: "Oh I love my Iphone, I just updated it through iTunes, and now it can multitask", "Oh with the new update, my Ipone is able to run more than one app at a time! Apple rulez", "I love my MacBook, It is only 999$ overpriced, but hey it's a MacBook", "I'm to stupid figuring out how to right-click, thats why I love Apple"
by Walternate June 09, 2011
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