a program Apple prgram invented and came out in 2001 that plays radio, music, videos and is essentail to people who love music and want to have it organized
bob:do u have itunes
bob:you have to have it, u have 2,000 unorganized songs in your computer
by gangstabro October 13, 2007
A program that allows you to "share" your music library and view other peoples. Also easy to download their music to your computer (for real) with programs such as ourTunes
I always wanted that album. Oh look. That person has it. Let me just open ourtunes. (30 seconds later) There! Now I have that entire album and I didn't pay a cent.

Don't steal music ;-)
by smarterthanyou January 26, 2005
A media player created by Apple Computer that organizes, plays and can download songs off of iTunes.com.
Most newbies and morons think that you have to pay $1 to put a song in the program, but that's just not true. iTunes can be tricked into converting .MID files into MP3, while other programs that do that cost upwards of $20.
Not as good as Winamp but 300 times better than the resource-hogging Windows Media Player.
iTunes is pretty cool.
by Zuka July 14, 2004
Apple's software for organizing, and labeling songs for the award-winning iPod.
Apple had just killed Microsoft with its iTunes simplicity.
by ProStaff January 26, 2005
An Apple made program that connnects with one's Apple iPod and is used to play songs, videos (version 6), etc. Similar to Windows Media Player, yet voted more popular thanks to the Apple iPod.
iTunes is the only program that shall let you convert files to AAC format and place them in your Apple iPod.
Note: I Am In No Way Advertising Apple and/or Microsoft Products, I Am Simply Using Them As References For One To Inderstand Better What I Am Trying To Say.
Lil B: "Hey, Saad, Did You Use The New iTunes? I Heard It Sucks! They Come Out With A New One Like Every Other Month!"
Saad: "Yes, I Always Thought That It Was Bad!"
by Lil B Da 1 And Only October 21, 2005
The best media player of all time created by Apple, which runs on both Windows and Mac. Which is mainly used by iPod owners to transfer music. But iTunes 7 is now capable of so much more, such as: Movies, TV Shows, PodCasts, Radio, and even Ringtones for the iPhone. Most people think that you have to buy music from the WiFi Store in order to build your music collection. What they dont know is, you can download music from LimeWire or any other torrent and open the file in iTunes, which can be transferred into your iPod nano, video, classic, touch, and even your iPhone. And other people that don't think that it gives Album ArtWork for your files, iTunes actually does, you just have to have an Apple Account. And it will give you all the ArtWork you want (all you need is the right song name, artist, and album). It also has the ability to share music with other computers with iTunes on your network.
Me: i like the way iTunes looks and performs.
GirlFriend: i love CoverFlow. it gives me orgasms.
Me: i like it when you have them.
by Buco July 10, 2008
itunes is a crappy media (music only) player put out by apple computers. its not worth getting! when i had it on my comp it would not let me delete a few files, even after i had deleted itunes, those few file fucked up my computer so bad!
some idiot: ahhhh my computer is ruined now i have to get another one!
me: i told you not to get itunes! you should have listed!
by bitch#1 March 20, 2005
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