A stupidly large program developed by Apple Computer, whose purpose is to take control of your music and your Ipod in an extremely irritating fashion, while blocking anything you want to do, and instead executing what Apple Computer wants you to do.
ok dear PC, now lets try to transfer this file into my... huh? what is this crap? just save it! ... mmmmh again.... where the hell... damn.. NO!! .... aaaaaaAAAAGH... FUCK YOU ITUNES FUCK YOU APPLE!!
by miguelrdz November 01, 2008
Software used to get music for the IPod.

Very well organized, but the damn thing does not have any songs that I want!

Songs cost $.99 each to buy, so it would cost around $7,425 to fill a 30 gig IPod. Apple's gotta make money somehow right?
I was going to use ITunes but found Frostwire instead.
by Fuckitall June 26, 2006
A okish software apple made by copying almost everything from windows media player and adding a store.


Can get your songs on your Ipod
Converts stuff to MP3, which no other free software does

Music is 99 cents. Go out and buy an actual CD, or just download it for free on limewire.
Doesn't give album art when you load CDs or transfer songs.
When you load a CD, sometimes it will mix the names around or completly make up new names for songs. Very annoying.
Made for macs, so it can't be TOO good.
Itunes is only worth while if you have a ipod or need to convert stuff to MP3.
by ZOMGLAWL December 19, 2006
a silly little programme that makes more sense when you run it on microshit and dont have an apple ipod
Idiot: "have you got an ipod?"
Me: "nope"
Idiot: "then why you got itunes"
Me: "why not? it makes more sense having itunes without an ipod"
by Yapstarr September 25, 2006
iTunes is a music network in which you can purchase songs for 99 cents and $1.29 a song. Music videos are $1.99, and movies are usually in the range from $10 to $20, depending how popular or old they are. iTunes also supports relief for Haiti, and always has stuff for free every week. The company that made iTunes is Apple. Apple has also made the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and Mac computers with accesories. They also make Apple Televisions.
I just bought Blah Blah Blah by Ke$ha on iTunes
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
Aside from the iPod, pretty much the only thing Apple got right. Easy to use, clear, and has a font that actually looks normal. Plus you can take off that annoying gap between songs when you burn a cd (among other cool shit).
"iTunes 0wnz! I got it after getting fed up with Media Player, and it's been smooth sailing fom there."
by Flobulus August 09, 2007
a program Apple prgram invented and came out in 2001 that plays radio, music, videos and is essentail to people who love music and want to have it organized
bob:do u have itunes
bob:you have to have it, u have 2,000 unorganized songs in your computer
by gangstabro October 13, 2007

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