1. Multi-task music software created by Apple. Used to synchronize the iPod, organize compressed music files, listen to files, and purchase files from an online store at the price of a dollar each. Loved and hated during its introduction in 2003-2004 because it brought about a revolution in how consumers purchase music.

2. The organization software that comes with the Apple iPod.

3. The bringer of multiple clones of the original iTunes software, such as Real's RealRhapsody. Started the online music purchasing craze.
1. I have to download some songs from iTunes.

2. What's this CD in my iPod box? Hey, it's iTunes!

3. Thanks to iTunes, now it is easy to purchase music online, legally.
by robots on parade June 30, 2004
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A stupid ass music downloading programme run by Apple in order to get songs onto your iPod. At 79p per track, it would cost me around £3950 to fill my iPod.
79p per track? Fuck that.
by Biddy July 16, 2005
A music programme created by Apple for use with the iPod and iPhone. I like to refer to it as the 'spawn of the devil', as it usually fucks up and deletes all my music about 3 times a year.
Person 1: My music has been deleted!

Person 2: What happened?!

Person 1: One word. iTunes.

Person 2: Enough said.
by JustANormalPerson. July 30, 2009
A music program created solely for completely tripping psychadelic drug users out when they turn the visualisations on full screen.
Just drop a tab of acid, open itunes and press Ctrl+T, you'll know what i mean...
by TwigmanUK July 09, 2006
A music management program created by Apple. Its features include crashing your computer, crashing itself, constant freezing during sync, randomly reformatting your ipod, suck performance to a crawl, links everything you do to the Itunes Store, and just all around being a pain in the ass.
Its like Itunes has a mind of its own. I leave the room for one minute and all my music is gone! At least it brought up the Itunes Store right after it ate all my songs, so its all good!
by darkisle January 27, 2010
A music program created by Apple. Destroys and ruins all of your music files, supposed to organize them but does the opposite. Windows Media player is better by miles.

I downloaded Itune's to organize 5 gigs of music, and it created triplicates of every song and mixed them up to hell.

Song named: "08 The Fall Through Ginnungagap" :Amon Amarth

Itunes renamed it to "08 The Fall": Amon Amarth

Then created a new song "09 Ginnugagap" : Macy gray
by Taylor Payne December 26, 2007
Only is used for syncing music on your iPod or your iPod like device. The rest is a bunch of advertisements and a way to suck up money, and for Flo-Rida to make a few more bucks by soaking you with $1.99 per song. Most people illegally bootleg their music using Limewire or Frostwire.
Fuck iTunes...I am using Limewire
by Kyle 230 December 15, 2009
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