You will never catch me with a ITCHY bitch on my side.

Every time I'm around other hoes my bitch gets ITCHY.

She ain't got no swag with her ITCHY ass.
by OG.THREE.TYMES March 12, 2014
1. The tiny, blue, chainsaw wielding, homicidal mouse from the Simpsons
2. The coolest nickname you can ever receive
3. Can stand for Number 1 or champion
The Itchy & Scratchy Show!!!
Itchy is awesome.
He has become an Itchy, now no one can stop him.
by toshiki-san April 24, 2010
When your pubic hair is comming in from you shaving it, that my friend is itchy!
**high five**

me and erica are Itchy Twins
To run extremely fast,
" There go the police, time to get itchy. "
by brainaic November 21, 2011
being really aggrivated or mad about something, usually referring to a certain subject going on at the time during a conversation
Guy 1- yo bro, i cant get this music on my ipod, and its pissing me off

Guy 2- yo are you mad itchy right now??

Guy1- yeaa, annd i hate it
by CBoU December 28, 2010
when someone has skin that is so dark that it looks dry or ashy
"That boy is so black he looks itchy"
by beanie1976 January 21, 2009
A remorse that lives in Alexandria, La. Someone that reminds you of a stripper that had the ABCs. :Cough:Cough::KELLY!!!:Cough:Cough
"Remember me, I'm Itchy the stripper from Miami Blaaaa!"--Chris Rock
by remorseful2003 December 18, 2004

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