one who lacks the knowledge to actually work and iPod or any electronic device.
"Honey, I can't seem to figure out how to turn my mp3 player on"
"Jeeze you're iTarded"
by cwoofdog500 December 20, 2009
Thought to originally be coined as an offensive term towards mac/apple junkies. It has since evolved into an offensive term towards anyone by means of the internet. The prefix "i" has now infested into many other words as well; such as iFag, iFuck, etc.
I can't believe this iTard is tryin' to hack me.
by b1naryatr0phy August 19, 2009
someone who still plays cassette tapes and carrys a cassette player on them when they jog/work/are in class. first said by comedian carlos mencia.
what the fuck is that thing?
is that a cassette player?
wow that dude is an itard.
by john gallione April 11, 2006

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