Random order:
1) A potpourri of different people who have things in common.
2) Hosts thieves and cheaters from either underdeveloped countries or the Naples area
3) Great cuisine in all regions
4) Sucks in manners and govermental system, which it admits but is too lazy to do anything about it
5) Poorest organization on the planet but still good in quality
6) Is great fun and you would never want to go or you'd miss it the minute you leave
7) Most beautiful place ever cos there isn't a landscape you can't see there (although many other countries do have breath-taking things to see Italy is still the sublime in variety)
8) The buses come by pure chance (at least now they are mostly displayed IF they're coming)
9) The capital has the crappiest (so to say) metro in Europe and many cities are buried under cars and trash (lazy or just politically corrupted)
10) Beautiful language, culture people..just that some dicks ruin it
11) Screw generalizations but the hottest guys I've ever met are Italian (also the kindest and meanest)
12) Be realistic and don't say Italy copied from what's and what's because that's like saying America didn't copy from everyone (which they do badly too)
13) Come on what's wrong with ditching Germany when your on the wrong side; what would you do oh you brave people - it wasn't like they were best friends come on Hitler just puppetted (even if that's not a word) Mussolini!! And look, they threw over the one who allied with Germany so ha! Plus what kind of GENERALIZATIONS seriously, you can only make them if you've lived here and have had the same exact experience so many times. Like as if no other European people were hairy - PUH-lease!
14) At least Italians have good reasons to be arrogant even if I don't find anything so irritating about it like I do with French people (I've heard them even admit their arrogance)
15) Italians have done great things in their past and present - can't generalize something so broad you probably don't know nothing about; maybe they prefer to live a life than to be whiz kids (not that I'm supporting ignorance or anything; in fact, their current education system sucks even if they have very learned people who actually do something).
16) Their cars aren't that bad; my Dad's Fiat is fine in function and aspect even after like 10 years.. plus you got to admit the Ferrari is the hottest car ever. As for the TV, well get the satellite one if you don't always like what there showing - I just watch Italian MTV and some other nice programs on other channels (although there's so much crap good programs DO exist)
17) Man I can't list all of the things that define Italy but the biggest one is the spontaneity even if the more south you go the more rude the men get
18) To conclude, there are many different kind of Italys; some towns/cities (esp. north) are clean, organized etc. while others are a mess. In general there's great food everywhere and it's almost always possible to do good cheap shopping. Italians nowadays DO speak English and if they have studied decently have a decent pronounciation (sometimes just regional accents or little practice make them sound bad)
19) I'm no soccer fanatic but I believe that they have really talented players (just because their technique isn't that great you just can't say they suck - plus these are more generalizations which I'm forced to use myself to oppose such stupid arguments)
20) Italy rules, just have to watch out and you'll live a great/pleasurable/fun life
Arrogant/stupid person: "Italy SUCKS because of its government and delinquents even if it has a great culture, cuisine, people, landscape, architecture, nature, beauty, language, literature, science, history, sport etc."
Smart person: Stop being jealous just because Italians Do It Better. If you can't stand Italy, stop eating your pizza, your spaghetti, and leave your Ferrari at home. Oh yeah, and throw out every single movie that has actors with Italian heritage in it and shun every work of Raphael, Leonardo or Michelangelo you see. Don't forget to disown your Italian grandparents if you have any, and dump your hot Italian girl/boyfriend. By the way, stop using the Italian words of musical terminology, Italian cuisine (broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke, biscotti, pasta, pizza, capuccino, coffee, caviar, grappa, lasagna, panini, parmesan, pistachio, pepperoni, ravioli, salami, soda)plus "pronto", "paparazzi", "arkade", "artisan", "balcony", "carpet", "cartoon", "corridor", "fiasco", "torso", "ciao", "ghetto", "bagatelle", "dome", "facade", "motto", "novel", "pun", "sonnet", "stanza", "flu", "malaria", "lava", "race", "rocket", "carnival", "volcano", "alert", "brilliant", "alarm", "gallery", "fresco", "graffiti", "grotesque", "mascara", "cash", "casino", "credit", "disaster", "masquerade", "gusto", "portfolio", "risk", "skirmish", "mask", "bravo", "medal", "pistol", "bizarre", "group", "buffalo", "cartridge", "cash" "miniature", "model", "ditto", "cannon", "brave", "mosaic"," porcelain","tra ffic", "umbrella", "replica", "saloon", "sketch", "policy", "studio", "mustache", "extravagance", "courtesan", "radio", "finale", "giraffe", "archipelago", "carat", "tariff", "zero", "arsenal", "lottery", "lotto", "magazine", "bulletin", "assassin", "pants", "parasol", "pilot", "manage", "ogre", "attack", "attitude", "caress", "bimbo", "caravan", "ballerina", "ballet", "balloon", "colonel", "bank", "bankrupt", "virtue" and even "candy" because they're all Italian derivatives.
by carmencita89 November 12, 2006
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A beautiful country with beautiful people and a beutiful culture. Hey Mccoy, if Italy had stayed with the Axis, you would be critizing them for being Nazis. Instead they overthrew Mussolini, and you criticize Italians as being "cowards" who didn't want to face the Allies. There's just no winning, is there? I saw Mccoy's comments on Ireland and America. First of all, I gotta say I love Ireland. But come on! Ireland's major role in WWII was getting bitch-slapped by the British because the people of Ireland were supporting the Axis. (Ireland basically figured that anyone who was against their oppressors, the British, was their friend. Of course, Ireland didn't know about the holocaust and all that at the time, but still.)So don't go talkin about Italy's history in WWII if you're not goin to comment on Ireland's. I love the Irish, but I just trying to point out that every people and every culture has something it's ashamed of, so it's plain dick to go around thinkin you're fucking perfect.
McCoy, in your comment about America you sounded like a stuck-up piece of Eurotrash who thinks he's better than "dirty Americans." In your comment about Italy, you just sound like an asshole, man.
by Bitch-slappin' mofos since 1989 October 19, 2005
Nation in Southern Europe consisting of 60,000,000 people. The Italians are some of the most beautiful/handsome people in the world. They love to live la dolce vita, eat good food, and take pride in their architectual treasures. Despite having the shittiest TV and the only G9 nation with an unstable government, Italy is great
la dolce vita en Italia!
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 05, 2003
The home of some of the best food, cars, fashion, and shotguns in the world.
The Benelli M4 shotgun kicks ass.
by Dean March 23, 2003
A sun-kissed peninsula in southern Europe. The center of european civilization for millenia. Home of the finest art, cusine, fashion, and automobiles on earth. Most italians seem to really enjoy life, despite the fact that hardly any italian toilets work. Even the turds don't want to leave!
If I could pick one nation in the world to survive a nuclear apocalypse, it would be Italy.
by montoro November 17, 2003
2006 World Cup Champions!!!
Italy also won in '82, '38, and '34.
Forza Azurri!
by forza azurri! July 12, 2006
The greatest country in the world. Amazing architecture, nice people, great soccer games (called football over there), wonderful food ( Olive garden is not REAL Italian food) , drinking age is 16, and great weather. Ive looked at the other definitions of this country and the only two knocks on it are that its tv sucks and the toilets dont work. First off, the toilets work, that is not true. Second it is true that the tv is not great, but this is probably the reason italians have a wonderful, healthy lifestyle and Americans are fat and ugly. Plus with all the fun stuff to do there who needs tv. I am Italian and take great pride in saying that my family comes from this country. If you ever have a chance to go, DO IT!
Dumb person: I cant wait to go to olive garden tonight and get some real italian food!
Me: You dumbass! Thats not italian food! That is Americanized Italian food.
by ScottM July 04, 2005
The boot shaped country!
Dude, you know your country is shaped like a book?
by octet January 16, 2005

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