A beautiful country with beautiful people and a beutiful culture. Hey Mccoy, if Italy had stayed with the Axis, you would be critizing them for being Nazis. Instead they overthrew Mussolini, and you criticize Italians as being "cowards" who didn't want to face the Allies. There's just no winning, is there? I saw Mccoy's comments on Ireland and America. First of all, I gotta say I love Ireland. But come on! Ireland's major role in WWII was getting bitch-slapped by the British because the people of Ireland were supporting the Axis. (Ireland basically figured that anyone who was against their oppressors, the British, was their friend. Of course, Ireland didn't know about the holocaust and all that at the time, but still.)So don't go talkin about Italy's history in WWII if you're not goin to comment on Ireland's. I love the Irish, but I just trying to point out that every people and every culture has something it's ashamed of, so it's plain dick to go around thinkin you're fucking perfect.
McCoy, in your comment about America you sounded like a stuck-up piece of Eurotrash who thinks he's better than "dirty Americans." In your comment about Italy, you just sound like an asshole, man.
by Bitch-slappin' mofos since 1989 October 19, 2005
A country renowned for its military prowess.
Italy sent their army into Ethiopia in the 30's to overthrow the government of Haile Selassie and establish a colony...they were expelled by natives with spears.
by harry flashman July 12, 2003
Italy is a code word that certain idiotic couples use for "I love you" or showing affection.
I love you; Italy
by Curtis Lowe June 08, 2004
Italy is the land of dwarves, who cheated in the world cup. Italians are not only short, loud annoying. They are good-for-nothing matchos, who drive ugly cars like fiat, bad quality alfa romeos etc. Italians have the worst english accent ever. When they speak English, you think they are giving brith to a donkey.
Mama mia! look at that spaghetti eating, midget gay! He is from Italy.
by chinka July 13, 2006
Home to the most Ethnocentric, Conceited and Hairy people.
Andrew: Damn, that italian girl is so conceited.
Jeff: Yeah, especially since she shaved all that arm hair.
Frank: Italy sucks
by Andrew D March 18, 2006
Italy was the start of civilization in europe, including greece of course. its desendants came from egypt that moved through the mediteranian. after many centuries it became the most powerful 'province' in europe, and rome became the center of christianity. after, it was defeated by the germanic or teuton clan wich is now called germany.

even though its brilliant location and fascinating land marks, and very brave ancestors, italy's population turned into a foul and horrible race that are scared of people around them, so they try to kill them, but they usually dont exceed. in the first world war, italy joined germany and the austro-hungarian side, they started to lose and they join ed the antants, they chickened out, in school there they have history up till before the first world war, and they finish, in the second world war they also joined germany since they wer winning, then they attacked albania, and they needed help from germany, useless. and then when the allies atacked italy on their ground they chickened out n threw mussolini out of the country. lame. they may have pasta(which was actually found in china first), pizza(the food of poor carthaginians who lived on sardinia), i dont mean to be racist or stereotype, but please, italy... nothing to see here!
1:oh dear god! theres two-hundred italian military comin to our house!
2: get the stick, the cowards 'll be running in seconds!!
by MCsoy March 31, 2005

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