The boot shaped country!
Dude, you know your country is shaped like a book?
by octet January 16, 2005
a nation famous for its professionalism in football diving tactics to win matches against stronger opponents on the day.
italy player/actor grosso
by aussieaussieaussie June 30, 2006
italy a nice buetifull place with a plentyfull amount of people(some area's overcrouded) with an ok tv transmission(you need to be 30 and drunk to understand) and fantastic views of Greece this grand people didnt invent much(that Greeks did'nt already invent)but they sure as hell had good painters and sculpters(they like to touch things)only bad side of italy is they took wat Greece had and made it bigger only cuz they wer 500 years after Greece
(italian)Chris:hey vasili

vasili: f*ck off ya yobo

chris:yobo's are from australia not italy

vasili:ok now shutup
by johny f00l May 03, 2006
robbed australia of the world cup. nothing wrong iwth teh country or anything, italys cool but the world cup team were nothing but a bunch of rotten scuba divers. and lets not forget the whole materazzi and zidane incident.
1 - so where have you been?
2 - i was over in italy teaching the world cup squad how to dive
by insomniac16 July 31, 2006
Voted to be the biggest "shit-hole" of the World. The people voted to be the biggest "queers" of the World. Including the women. It is a petty that they have lived as long as they do today. And pretty soon they'll be sending France over there to take over the Island and and destroy their little "shit-hole" and excuse for a Nation.
Italy sucks France's balls.
by Jean Binoche September 15, 2007
Home to the world's hairest, most abrassive and generally annoying people. Living off the glory of the former roman empire, which spoke Latin, not Italian. Get over yourself Italy. You're country is a piece of crap now, and pissed of that its neighbors to the north are a hell of a lot better.
Person 1: Wow, that girls pretty hairy, she must be Greek.
Person 2: No man, I think she's from Italy.
by Wendellll October 16, 2006
A country where the men are sleazebags and the women are hairer then a pack of apes.

The Africa of Europe. Also the most over rated country on the face of the earth. Hideous language and accent and it has only two things they try to sell to the rest of the world. Cars and pizza. Like, woop dee fucken doo.
Friend: Ready to go to Italy?
Me: *jumps of a cliff*
by AndreaCow December 09, 2006
a nasty country with ugly men and women. Also known for their tempers yet cant win anything despite it. Also known for being less than intelligent.
the men from italy are UGLY..
by archi September 20, 2007

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