The boot shaped country!
Dude, you know your country is shaped like a book?
by octet January 16, 2005
Random order:
1) A potpourri of different people who have things in common.
2) Hosts thieves and cheaters from either underdeveloped countries or the Naples area
3) Great cuisine in all regions
4) Sucks in manners and govermental system, which it admits but is too lazy to do anything about it
5) Poorest organization on the planet but still good in quality
6) Is great fun and you would never want to go or you'd miss it the minute you leave
7) Most beautiful place ever cos there isn't a landscape you can't see there (although many other countries do have breath-taking things to see Italy is still the sublime in variety)
8) The buses come by pure chance (at least now they are mostly displayed IF they're coming)
9) The capital has the crappiest (so to say) metro in Europe and many cities are buried under cars and trash (lazy or just politically corrupted)
10) Beautiful language, culture people..just that some dicks ruin it
11) Screw generalizations but the hottest guys I've ever met are Italian (also the kindest and meanest)
12) Be realistic and don't say Italy copied from what's and what's because that's like saying America didn't copy from everyone (which they do badly too)
13) Come on what's wrong with ditching Germany when your on the wrong side; what would you do oh you brave people - it wasn't like they were best friends come on Hitler just puppetted (even if that's not a word) Mussolini!! And look, they threw over the one who allied with Germany so ha! Plus what kind of GENERALIZATIONS seriously, you can only make them if you've lived here and have had the same exact experience so many times. Like as if no other European people were hairy - PUH-lease!
14) At least Italians have good reasons to be arrogant even if I don't find anything so irritating about it like I do with French people (I've heard them even admit their arrogance)
15) Italians have done great things in their past and present - can't generalize something so broad you probably don't know nothing about; maybe they prefer to live a life than to be whiz kids (not that I'm supporting ignorance or anything; in fact, their current education system sucks even if they have very learned people who actually do something).
16) Their cars aren't that bad; my Dad's Fiat is fine in function and aspect even after like 10 years.. plus you got to admit the Ferrari is the hottest car ever. As for the TV, well get the satellite one if you don't always like what there showing - I just watch Italian MTV and some other nice programs on other channels (although there's so much crap good programs DO exist)
17) Man I can't list all of the things that define Italy but the biggest one is the spontaneity even if the more south you go the more rude the men get
18) To conclude, there are many different kind of Italys; some towns/cities (esp. north) are clean, organized etc. while others are a mess. In general there's great food everywhere and it's almost always possible to do good cheap shopping. Italians nowadays DO speak English and if they have studied decently have a decent pronounciation (sometimes just regional accents or little practice make them sound bad)
19) I'm no soccer fanatic but I believe that they have really talented players (just because their technique isn't that great you just can't say they suck - plus these are more generalizations which I'm forced to use myself to oppose such stupid arguments)
20) Italy rules, just have to watch out and you'll live a great/pleasurable/fun life
Arrogant/stupid person: "Italy SUCKS because of its government and delinquents even if it has a great culture, cuisine, people, landscape, architecture, nature, beauty, language, literature, science, history, sport etc."
Smart person: Stop being jealous just because Italians Do It Better. If you can't stand Italy, stop eating your pizza, your spaghetti, and leave your Ferrari at home. Oh yeah, and throw out every single movie that has actors with Italian heritage in it and shun every work of Raphael, Leonardo or Michelangelo you see. Don't forget to disown your Italian grandparents if you have any, and dump your hot Italian girl/boyfriend. By the way, stop using the Italian words of musical terminology, Italian cuisine (broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke, biscotti, pasta, pizza, capuccino, coffee, caviar, grappa, lasagna, panini, parmesan, pistachio, pepperoni, ravioli, salami, soda)plus "pronto", "paparazzi", "arkade", "artisan", "balcony", "carpet", "cartoon", "corridor", "fiasco", "torso", "ciao", "ghetto", "bagatelle", "dome", "facade", "motto", "novel", "pun", "sonnet", "stanza", "flu", "malaria", "lava", "race", "rocket", "carnival", "volcano", "alert", "brilliant", "alarm", "gallery", "fresco", "graffiti", "grotesque", "mascara", "cash", "casino", "credit", "disaster", "masquerade", "gusto", "portfolio", "risk", "skirmish", "mask", "bravo", "medal", "pistol", "bizarre", "group", "buffalo", "cartridge", "cash" "miniature", "model", "ditto", "cannon", "brave", "mosaic"," porcelain","tra ffic", "umbrella", "replica", "saloon", "sketch", "policy", "studio", "mustache", "extravagance", "courtesan", "radio", "finale", "giraffe", "archipelago", "carat", "tariff", "zero", "arsenal", "lottery", "lotto", "magazine", "bulletin", "assassin", "pants", "parasol", "pilot", "manage", "ogre", "attack", "attitude", "caress", "bimbo", "caravan", "ballerina", "ballet", "balloon", "colonel", "bank", "bankrupt", "virtue" and even "candy" because they're all Italian derivatives.
by carmencita89 November 12, 2006
Italy is cheerful and energetic. Italy loves pasta, pizza and cheese. Italy is awesome and the place to settle down near the end of life. Go Italy!!
A: Pasta!!!
B: Wow, you're sure an Italy today

A: I just feel like relaxing you know?
B: You should go to Italy then.
by SeeAbove April 07, 2015
A major character in the anime/manga/web comic series Hetalia written by Hidekaz Himaruya. He represents N. Italy and Is a member of the Axis Powers. His human name is Feliciano Vargas.

Italy has auburn hair and amber eyes. One of his most noticeable traits is the curl on the side of his head that acts like his erogenous zone if it is touched. He wears a WW2 uniform or he is naked while taking a siesta. When he was small and under mean old mister Austria's control he wore a maids dress that made everyone one think he was a girl. Some people who are not familiar with the anime think he is a girl.
Italy loves PASTA~!, gelato, pizza and wine and Germany!

He likes to flirt with Pretty girls or Germany.
His hobbies include painting, eating pasta, cooking, taking siestas, playing with cats and flirting with pretty girls he sees or Germany.
Italy is REALLY WEAK! But he is cute so its okay. Somehow he single handedly took down Turkey much to Germanys surprise.

Basically Italy is the Cutesy Stereotype of Italy in an anime called Hetalia with a curl

Not to be confused with South Italy or Romano
Italy : Ve~Germany! Can we make pasta~ please?!
Germany: Nein, we are having wurst.
by Unravel January 31, 2015
The only country in the world where politics are a real and unique joke, the only place where everything controlled by the government goes wrong, 100% guaranteed.
Despite being the oldest developed country in mentality, TV technology/content and the only country where people don't even know that actors in foreign movies have their own voices, the food and landscapes are quite good!
boy1: hey look at that man doing a really good street show with his hands and arms!
boy2: no, he's from Italy, he's just talking.
by itaglian-boy September 11, 2009
the italians are the most beautiful people in the world, they are originally "white people", people from north europe were barbarian not white, before they got mixed with those artistic looking italians
a hot american guy is bound to have italian ancestry

italy rules
by didier April 24, 2007
many dictators, including Octavian, Mussolini, and Berlusconi.
despite its problems, italy is home to the hottest people in the world.
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