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Any cheap frozen pizza folded in half and eat like a taco
Man Totino's makes one helluva italian taco.
by Donut1984 May 06, 2008
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When the buttcheeks are pulled apart , then you take a shit in their butt crack, next you jizz in it, followed by the squeezing of the buttcheeks, and finally you eat it up making it appear to resemble a taco.
Herbert Finkle was incredibly pleased after he performed his first Italian Taco.
by pussy cruncher August 11, 2011
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Sexual position where the woman is lying down at waist level over a counter on her back with legs folded around the man. Optional bologna or pizza can be eaten while performing this position.
Maria: "Was it good last night?"
Bianca: "Yeah, he put me down on the kitchen counter and we did the italian taco"
by Philip the Water Tank August 11, 2010
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