1. A very healthy person with a well-balanced diet, plenty of sensory interaction the surrounding environment, muscular facial features and very furry eyebrows.

2. Any character on the television show "Sesame Street."

3. One who speaks one's opinions extremely loudly, is easily converted to feminism and similar ideals, and is suspected of doing drugs by thighmaster authority figures.

4. An amazingly sexy boy with irresistible, uber-manly stubble who still can't clear a height of 5'3".
1. I'm straight, but I'm still attracted to Italian boys. They're just so juicy and luscious. I want one in my room.

2. BERT: Hey, Ernie. Are you feeling Italian today?

ERNIE: You bet I am, Bert, That's why I'm so adorable and fuzzy, and why my voice sounds all silly and squeaky.

BERT: Shut up and kiss me.

3. Jordan is Italian. He can solve one face of a Rubix cube. He wears a hoodie. Mr. Adair does not trust him. Jordan once accidentally converted himself to feminism while giving a powerpoint on medieval gender roles. I know of at least three other Italian feminists, and I plan to become one when I grow up.

4. That Italian person is so hot. I wish he and I were a gay couple, and he played the man. Too bad he's two feet shorter than me.
by Bertoffski January 01, 2008
Top Definition
the most beautiful people ever. we're the best! i'm italian and i totally love it<333333 we have beautiful tans, gorgeous italian coffee hair, amazing eyes, and great bodies. if you're not italian, there's something wrong with ya. italian men treat their ladies with respect and treat them like GOLD. their sweethearts. italian mamas know how to cook the best. italian food is the greatest. I LOVE BEING ITALIAN.
irish chick one: see that couple over there?
irish chick two: yeah, whatta bout them?
girl one: that girl is BEAUTIFUL, i love her tan. im so friggin pale i look like a ghost, and that guy is treating her like a queen.
girl two: they must be italian people.
by andyx5 October 05, 2010
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