People who can make any food delicious, without having to use sugar
Have you tried that Irish guys dish? Give the recipe to an Italian he will fix it.
by Bullmonkey December 15, 2011
italians are the best people in the world and you know what petay, you have bad breath, are a stinky, and you're not intelligent. SO next time, think twice before I lay the smack down on you you silly little Jabroni!
Italians are the best!!!! (Woop-woop and petey sucks because he is not Italian)
by compliments of KS/BF March 18, 2005
A language that is impossible to learn, because every Italian citizen speaks it differently.
My grandparents both claim to speak Italian, but they don't understand eachother.
by oboemastah June 25, 2007
A word of great meaning. A people of great acheivement. And a country of amazement...and our women are hot too.
Italians are the greatest people on earth. Everyone else should kiss our asses.
by Antonio-D. May 29, 2009
A person of Italian background of 25% or more. Usually has olive skin, brown eyes,black or brown hair (sometimes curly). Last name usually ends in A, E, I, O and some times S. Most have relatives from NYC. Goodlooking, hardworking people of which a very few have cosa nostra connections which is a stereotype. No we all don't wear five thousand dollar suits around unless you are a lace curtain italian in which case you have strayed from your heritage. But, yes we do have style and take pride in our heritage.
My friend is italian;his last name is Leone.
by al2929 June 13, 2008
1. Inhabitants or citizens of Italy.

2. For some odd reason, their men (not all, but so many) love Black women.

And I'm African-American. And yes, I must say, I have a weakness for (attractive and good hearted) Italian men. NOT A FETISH; meaning if God had in his plan for me to marry one, I would regardless of the fact I'm Afrocentric.

3. Some of the best haute couture fashion designers and couture models come from here, in my opinion.
The Italian man brought me a mocha latte for breakfast.
by twistedbabydoll August 16, 2007
only the all time coolest race in the enitre world. they are good at everything, and anything. they acually know how to sing, beautiful languages, and peaceful people.
im italian. my dad is part italian.
by theREALItalian... June 01, 2007
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