A classification for a type of food that I like a lot.
Me: Hey man did your mom make Italian tonight; I'm very hungry.
Friend: Yea, we're baked ziti.
by Theory's apprentice June 30, 2006
best people in the world.
if you fuck with one italian, you fuck with them all..
they are possesive. but loving.
we speak our mind.
we love our family and we would do anything for them.
dont fuck with us italians. <3

italia per sempre ! <3
i should know, im italian.
by manda =] March 23, 2010
Good cooks, great in bed, hot, mine is blonde with blue eyes, hairy chest, naturally muscular, hot tempered.
Italians, people from Italy
by CmcDuff July 19, 2008
italians, who &&' what are italians? italians are tha greatest people to ever roam earth! we're sexy olive skinned &&' dark haired beasts; talk about your great butts, bodys, and eyes. we're intelligent, dream big, and succeed in anything from cooking-sports! We're also great artists Leonardo Divinci &&' Micheal angelo. we've got some more famous names like Marco Polo, Bellini, Rafaelle Galilei, Dante, Marcus, Aurelius, Virgil, Cato, Umberto, Eco. Yeah we're gangsters (Not gangstas, we're NOT black, or we're not big gold ring wearing, gold chained freaks like those idiots make us seem just tough,caring, and wont be messed with) but that just means our mafia will kill yours if you mess with our families or our nation because organized crime (successfully). Most italians come from a large family, of 7 or 8 kids, and our nation is beautiful with our beaches, long pathways, and little markets; call us what you will "Dons, Guidos, Wops, Guineas, Paisanos" any realy italian would take it as a compliment that we're so great you gave us special nik names (:
italians; we're beautiful: looks,personality,nationally! and we love everybody. but mess with our familys and you'll get plenty of hand gestures! plus we're always right so give up (:
by italian_beauty December 08, 2010
Refering to sex: similar to russian only the penis is stroked between the womans ass cheeks rather than the breasts. No penetration is involved.
My girl hates anal sex but can not get enough italian action.
by bestloved August 31, 2009
People from the country of Italy. We don't wear gold chains, or organized in the mafia. We don't have fake accents and eat pizza 24/7.
We are just normal people that need a chance. Everyone picks on us, because they act like we are 'white' which in fact, we are Latin. Yes. Latin. They say Italian girls are one of the prettiest in the world. We get picked on so much because of how our hair looks, or our brown eyes. Jealous much?
Our olive skin doesn't look disgusting. It makes us unique, along with everyone else.
We have a great culture, history, language, food, family, and lives.
I'm Italian. I'm proud. We're proud. We aren't concieted like you guys think we are, we are just living our lives the fullest and the best we make it.
Alisia: Sia calmo! Non mi preoccupo!
Alisia: If you really say you are 'Italian' and you 'speak Italian' you most likely will know.
by outtathisworldsavvy March 09, 2007
Italian people are hard workers who are loyal, and very family oriented. The best people ever! Italians arent consdered white. They wear the best suits and make the best clothes! They also wear a lot of Hip-Hop clothes and because of that they are called "wiggers" and "wegros", but becuase Italians arent considered white, those terms dont apply to them and are nonexistent. Their culture is used by a lot of the Hip-Hop culture as they call themselves "Capone" "Gotti", Three 6 Mafia", wear sweats, call themselves "Gangstas" and love the Mob themed life and so on and so on.

Italian culture has been a part of Hip-Hop for mutiple decades now just like latinos have been a part of it since the 80's. So to the older generation of Italians saying the newest generation are a disgrace becuase of what they wear and etc, they just dont get that Italians who dress and act a certain way is just the Americanization of all cultures meshing together. The Italian culture hasent died or will it ever, it's alive and well, it's just evolved and added on due to living in America the country that we discovered, and since Italians discovered this country we have every right to call the shots as what to wear or how to act,if you dont like it move! So next time you see an Italian wearing FUBU and Kangol, dont say were ripping off anothers culture, other cultures rip us off all the time,so we will wear whatever we like, and if we dont mind rappers putting Italian culture in their rhymes then I doubt they care what we wear. Now thats the reality check. Paisans rule!
Why do those Italians wear all that hip-hop stuff? Thats beacuse they are the real gangsters.
by The Real Italian February 20, 2007

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