Italians are located in the southern part of of Europe. thay are a particularly cultured country. If you see one, don't call him a "Don". He will punch you in the face and walk away. Italy is also known for its music. such artists as Gabry Ponte from Eiffel 65, Emanuele Inglese, as well as all the opera people.
Italy is a leading manufacturer of automobiles. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Pagani all are very successful Italian auto makers. In the WRC (World Rally Championship) Lancia holds the record for most consecutive wins. From 1987 to 1992 the Lancia Delta won six Championship titles. Italy is most famous for it's food; lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, prosciutto. The Italians that i know are very friendly. Italian exchange students are very fun. From my experiences Italian exchange students are the best. They cook, clean, and are a joy to have around.
American guy to Italian guy "Hey i was just wondering, What is it like to live in Italy?"

Italian guy to American "It's great! I miss all the Italians."
by July 23, 2009
What I'm most proud to be. And it's not because our nonna's cook us food whenever we want, or because our houses are usually kick ass and spotless, or because most are blessed with good looks, or because Milan, Italy is the fashion capital of the world, or the funny accents, or family ties to the Mafia. It's because we're intellegent people. Most think Italian boys are John Gotti clones. I'd admit in some cases, this is true. Oh and ALL ITALIAN MEN SMELL GOOD. Have you ever gone to an Italian wedding and passed by all of the good looking boys in Armani suits?! They smell lovely. Italian women are dark usually and no, not all Italians can cook a good dish of pasta, only our grandparents can. Italians have contributed a lot to this world. And any Brit, Irish/Scottish lad, Japanese gangster, arrogant French man, Prideful Portuguese is hating on the Italians, JUST KEEP WISHING ONE DAY YOU'LL WAKE UP SMELLING GOOD IN AN ARMONI SUIT AND HAVING AN ITALIAN NONNA COOKING KICK ASS FOOD WHILE YOUR UNCLE TONY PLAYS CARDS WITH THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY WAITING FOR THE LASAGNA TO BE DONE.
John Gotti lookalike #1- *cuffs sleeves, puts aviators on* YAO YAO MAN YOU STEALIN MAH HAIR GEL?! YAO WHY ARE YOU STEALING MY HAIR GEL?! *talks really fastly mumbling fungulo*
Intellegent Italian: You're a disgrace to Italians. You're what makes me want to curl up in a ball and become Korean.

John Gotti lookalike#2- WOULD YOU JUST WATCH THE HAIR?!
by Ericaaa July 27, 2006
A member of a white (yes white to the folks who keep saying otherwise) European ethnic group indigenous to Italy in southern Europe. The Italian language and culture is largely derived from that of the ancient Romans (i.e. Latin-based Romance language, Catholic Christianity, etc.) and Italians also launched the Renaissance, a period of enlightenment and learning that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.

People, "Latin" and "white" are not mutually exclusive terms. One may be culturally Latin but racially a white European. Italians, Spaniards, French, Portuguese, and Romanians are all European Latins. In America, "Latin" has become synonymous with Latin Americans (i.e. Mexicans).

Italians are indeed white, just not WASPs (white Protestants of northern European descent), it's really no more complicated than this. Take it from me (I'm Italian-American btw), it's also mainly the Sicilians and Calabrians who tend to have the stereotypical black-haired olive-skinned dark-eyed look that most Americans associate with Italians (these areas saw heavier Greek, Phoenician, and Arab settlement), but even in these places you can still find folks with lighter hair, light eyes, and pale skin. The most common hair color for Italians is some shade of brown, with all eye colors from blue, green, hazel, and brown well-represented (with hazel/brown a bit more common), and skin that typically ranges from pale to light olive.
Famous Italians/Italian-Americans:

Al Pacino, Ray Romano, Joe Pesci, Danny Aiello, Frank Sinatra, James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Marisa Tomei, Geraldine Ferraro, Federico Castelluccio, Joe Pantoliano, Tony Danza, Lady Gaga, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Nancy Pelosi, Roberto Benigni, Giorgio Armani, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Baggio, Antonin Scalia.

Italians are Europeans, capisce paesani?
by Italo-americano October 19, 2009
Refering to sex: similar to russian only the penis is stroked between the womans ass cheeks rather than the breasts. No penetration is involved.
My girl hates anal sex but can not get enough italian action.
by bestloved August 31, 2009

One of the best etnithities to be. Great food, great language great cars, great everything. All you fake ghetto Nike wearing wannabes that wish they were Italian need to die. And if you are or claim to be ''Italian'' you are probably Italian by injection
I'm jelous
by Your Mom in a bikini June 29, 2006
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