there are only 3 things we italians care about- food, family, and sex. you get in the way between us and any of those things, we'll kill you.
non-italian-man..i wish i were italian...
by ItalianBiznatch May 08, 2005
The mexicans of white people
italian women are hairy like mexican women
by brad nasty September 07, 2005
Organ grinder usually accompanied by a monkey who also doubles as his accountant
"Look at that Italian, oh wait that's the monkey"
by Luigi Da Plumber March 26, 2005
I read in a magazine that Italian men have the smallest penises in all of Europe. Average = 13.5 cm. Which is a little less than 5.5 inches. Hate to burst all of your bubbles.
If an Italian guy says he has a big penis, he is probably lying.
by Truth hurts September 06, 2005
Natives of a sunny country shaped like a boot which borders on the Mediterranean sea, this country was once the heart of the Roman Empire. The modern Italian is the least appealing of the European peoples who combine natural criminal propensities with an attitude of slavish idolatry toward that Whore of Rome, the Pope. A number of Italians have moved to the United States where they amuse themselves though organized crime and stuffing their grease faces with pasta at the Olive Garden.

When speaking, the Italians gesture frantically with their hands in an attempt to distract your gaze from their ugly
faces-upon which are clearly etched the marks of their moral and intellectual degeneracy. They cannot stop stealing, and will sometimes go so far as to steal money that is rightfully theirs from the pockets of their own trousers even as they wear them. Worse yet, they rarely
catch themselves doing so.

Otherwise, they amuse themselves by kidnapping the neighbor's children, voting for Communists, and staying out on strike, where they've been since the 1940s. On the field of battle they are abject cowards, and in the kitchen they're enthralled with bruised tomatoes and
the noodle only.
Italians are also known as Dagos, Wops, Greaseballs and Guineas.
by 111 August 06, 2006
A Mexican with slicked back hair and a suit.
That Italian guy likes to refer to organized crime and food when talking about his heritage.
by Chris December 01, 2004
they're really greasy bastards who sell pizza and eat hotdogs for breakfast.
Ewww, did you see that greasy italian yesterday with his fat hanging out?
by Cock Face May 02, 2005
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