An incredibly cultured people who work hard and are not considered white by white people and yet not considered minorities to the WASP-ass government.
Sometimes get a bad rep because of movies and shows where they are depicted as gangsters. Italian women are strong-willed, hard-working, and completey hot just like Irish and Black women. Usually have beautiful olive skin and dark hair. Italian men love their families and work hard and many are incredibly intelligent, despite what it shows in the movies. Leonardo DiVinci, an Italian man, was one of the smartest men in the world. Italians are also great artists. An Italian discovered America, an Italian named America, the Italians slave to make a better life while WASPs like Peter kick us in the face. And don't sit there rolling your eyes, whities, because I know you wouldn't give a damn if another minority wrote this, but simply because you think I'm Italian you blow this off. You're hypocrites.
Italian power, brother! Power to all minorities!
by I am here April 15, 2005
the best looking people in the whole world....absolutly gorgeous
look at that Italian
by elster May 05, 2005
1.) People of the nation Italy.
2.) The center of the Renaissance, which brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.
3.) Makers of fine automobiles.
4.) Hot chicks.
5.) And a badass bowl of pasta.
6.) Got taken over by that cockless son of a bitch, Mussolini, who got his when his ass was HANGED FROM A LIGHTPOST after some Italians decided they'd had enough of his shit.
7.) Not hairy, retards.
8.) Yeah, we do kick ass, thank you.
The Irish and Scots disrespectin' us again? Get my tommy gun Tony...
by Mr. Shmallow February 11, 2004
All i have to say is ferrari and lamborghini
Wow italians make nice cars
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
Italians make great food have great family relationships (better then most English and Americans) nothing is more important then there family. Italy is a cultured country you can't judge Italians by what the American-Italians are like trust me i am Italian although i live in England ive been bought up in a more Italian way
That guy who lives in Italy is Italian
by Holski December 29, 2004
Lars. F has no idea what he's talking about. Italians not having anything worthwhile to add to history? Here's a nice list.
Da Vinci, Michealangelo, The Roman Empire, Marco Polo, and also not mention America was named after his navigator, also an Italian.
I could go on and on but I'm not, because now I'm go play some soccer then have a nice big dish of pasta.
Irish, Scottish, and Greek people can kiss my hairy, proud, Italian ass
by Dominic October 16, 2003
italian americans....with italian heritage born in america
beautiful respectful people...who know how to
1.throw the best weddings
2.cook the best food
3/dress the best jewelry cars
6.safest neighborhoods.

and to all you fake italians or italian haters that say italians eat dominos and chef boy ardee

no italian would ever...ever..ever eat that crap..

my next door neighbor is a real italian..he just got here from Naples
by danidani May 31, 2006

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