Frank is one of these
Hey turn that music down Italian.
by Wynne Man November 11, 2005
Victims of stupid Americans bastardizing their heritage to try and sound cool and/or tough. So-called "Italians" talk with fake Brooklyn accents, eat Chef Boyardee ravioli and Domino's Pizza, and keep the first three buttons of their shirts unbuttoned so as to expose unsightly, bristly black chest hair, often complemented by a gold chain necklace. Calls friends "paizan" or "gumba" and thinks phrases such as "Donde esta?" and "'Ey chico!" are Italian. Often claims ties to the mafia in whatever major city is closest to the suburb they live in. Usually feel the need to make proclaimations such as "Yo, I'm Italian!"
"Yo, I'm 9% Italian. Respect me or I'll break ye' face and you'll be swimmin' wit' de fishes. Capisce? I tought so."
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 06, 2004
White people with a tan that live in Italy. They are not the smartest mathematically, but are creative. People think they're the best for who knows what reason, and they were the Mexicans of the past. Everyone in NJ is part Italian, and they all brag how Italian they are because of that 8.125% in their blood. People are obsessed with their food and believe it gives your mouth an orgasm.
Guy that thinks hes italian: OMG! Italians are the best! ITALIANO 4 LIFE!

Italian: Vaffanculo.
by degodego wopwop July 10, 2008
I love italians and the whole mafia i am a black male who is a die hard italian race/la cosa nostra fan i would do anything to show the mafia that i am faithful i would do anthing to get down with la cosa nostra i love italians though that is how i feel bout italians seriously. I love how italians carry thereselves they stay clean and there all bout fam word i wish i was born italian no doubt i love my race but i love italians 2
Italians Is One Of The Best Races In The World
by Number1Fan February 27, 2006
the most narcissistic people on earth. If you see someone and they are italian they will make sure that you know that they are italian. being proud of your heritage is fine but shoving it into other peoples faces isnt. need to realise that the only people who think italians are great, are italians.
that italian marcus is always wearing that stupid ''italia'' sweater.
by raptors April 25, 2007
people who have to much im better than you attitude and not enough brains who are mostly gangsters or wannabe gangsters and those are the ones who embarass the good italians who dont break the law to get what they want people who need to read history before running their mouths who are nothing but racists who drink wine and eat pasta you won 1 sport okay get over it but then again it will be the only thing you accomplish legally tons of other races got you beat in every other thing face it you are not even close to the best
why do italians call their litle towns little italy youre a far way from italy and you werent born there
by natalie johnson March 03, 2007
cant drink as much as the Irish and will never be has good looking!! Irish Rule!!
Italian Gweedos are faggs and use to much hair gel
by Irishredhead July 30, 2009
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