Italians are hard working people who are loyal, and very family oriented. The best people ever! Italians arent consdered white. They wear the best suits and make the best clothes! They also wear a lot of hip-Hop clothes and because of that they are called "wiggers" and "wegros", but becuase Italians arent considered white, those terms dont apply to them and are nonexistent. Their culture is used by a lot of the Hip-Hop culture as they call themselves "Capone" "Gotti", Three 6 Mafia", wear sweats, call themselves "Gangstas" and love the Mob themed life and so on and so on.

Italian culture has been a part of Hip-Hop for mutiple decades now just like latinos have been a part of it since the 80's. So to the older generation of Italians saying the newest generation are a disgrace becuase of what they wear and etc, they just dont get that Italians who dress and act a certain way is just the Americanization of all cultures meshing together. The Italian culture hasent died or will it ever, it's alive and well, it's just evolved and added on due to living n America the country that we discovered, and since Italians discovered this country we have every right to call the shots as what to wear or how to act,if you dont like it move! So next time you see an Italian wearing FUBU and Kangol, dont say were ripping off anothers culture, other cultures rip us off all the time,so we will wear whatever we like, and if we dont mind rappers putting Italian culture in their rhymes then I doubt they care what we wear. Now thats the reality check. Paisans rule!
Who is this guy so cool James? Why you ask? Because he's Italian! Damn right.
#mob #ethnic #hip-hop #family #rappers
by The Real Italian February 02, 2007
Italians are the best people on earth. anyone who likes to trash on them are nothing but ignorant assholes who wish they were italian. we have the best hair, food, women, families, cars, and clothes(versace, gucci, prada, and armani). Who cares if we are hairy and move our hands when we talk and that the guys use too much hair gel, at least we look good. An italian man will get a girl before any one else will. Anyone who has any italian in them, be proud.
(German guy in a torn Harley- Davidson shirt and Dickies jeans to a hot woman)"Hey, you wanna dance?" (Hot woman) "Get away from me!"
(Italian guy in Armani Exchange and Prada to the same woman)"Miss, would you care to dance?"
(Hot woman)"I'd love to."
by Angello August 13, 2005
People of Italy are known for their olive skin and dark hair. However there still are Italians with blonde hair and blue eyes. The stigma that Italians are dumb is held up by shows like "Jersey Shore," but originally came from the Ellis Island days. Around this time, the IQ test was invented and someone had the brilliant idea to use IQ tests to test incoming immigrants. One supposed expert at the time stated that 75% of Russians were incompetent, 69% of Polish, and 67% of Italians. These people soon started getting jobs as butchers because of the stigma, introducing the polish sausage and Italian salami. -- I am Italian and do not mess with my salami!
I am Italian with blonde hair and light eyes; and my father is the smartest man I've ever met.
#italia #foreign #smart #european #sicilian
by kaayycee June 06, 2011
The most gorgeous people on this planet. Awesome hair. Soo sweet. Flirts.
Mary: Have you meet Jake? He is sooo hot!
Jane: OMIGOSH YES! He's a total Italian! ;)
#italian #hot #hair #sweet #flirt
by i<3umoreeeeeeeee May 20, 2011
is there anybody who really know how is an italian like? I'm not tanned all year long! And I've never said GUIDO in my life. Anyway, we are mostly 'fighe' in here...
If you dont'understand, use Google Translator.
Silvio Berlusconi non mi rappresenta. I'm Italian.
#guido #berlusconi #italian #figa #gnocca
by lacarlo April 13, 2011
Far from what Jersey Shore had led us to believe, Italians are not a clan of intoxicated orange people with bad tempers. Intead, they are a people who love to eat, love and live. They make up a majority of the most beautiful and talented people on the planet (and they're the best lovers).

This also happens to be the name of their language, one that is one of the most beautiful languages you will ever here (In line with French).
Italians are the best
#amazing #brasome #hot #awesome #brandon
by BtimusTtimus August 24, 2010
The best kind of people ever. They love their family and will do ANYTHING for them. although they are very hard headed and like to argue but thats ok cuz theyre italian.
italian people are awesome
#guido #amazing person #romen #italian #dago
by italiangirlll March 03, 2010
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