Italians are only those people born in Italy.
Italy is an western European country part of the EU.
Italy is one of the 8 most industrialised countries in the world. Italy is one of the 8 most powerful countries in the world and is part of the G8. Descendants of 19th century Italian emigrants to the USA cannot be consider Italians by culture/education/up-bringing/value, most of them cannot speak the Italian language (they generally speak a mix between a early 19th century southern Italian dialects and American English which would be incompressible to an Italian native). Italian currency is EURO (1 EURO = 1.5 US Dollar)
Every time I speak Italians American in New York I'll have to ask for them to repeat what they are saying in English as their Italian is incomprehensible to me.
by SPQR777 January 02, 2008
The most amazing people in the world form the most beutiful country in the world! Italians often have dark, curly hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. yes, i know, we are hot. we also make a kick-ass bowl of pasta. American guys get hard whenever they see italian girls and girls get wet when they see italian guys. Not only are we ridiculously gorgeus, we are the smartest people in the world (hello, do you think it's easy making ferrarri's?) a few tips ifd you ever visit italy: Everyone in italy knows how to make esspresso, so don't say anything if you go there and someone teaches you how to make it properly. also, i would advise to speak english only in private. typically, if you are in italy, you should speak italian. eat whatever they serve you, italian food is good, no matter what. Play some soccer with them, you may learn something. Eat as much gelato as you want, worry about it later. you are in italy. la vita e bellisima.
I know you'll have to go visit italy and the italian people now. Buon viaggio!
by io sono la piu bella! March 30, 2006
Im not about to say that Italian-Americans and Italians are exactly the same, but come on! Why are blaming Italian-Americans for bastardizing the culture? You can't bastardize your own culture! The white dudes and movie producers are the ones that bastardized our culture with mafia movies and crap like that.
You're mom is so hot, I think she's Italian
by mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm May 02, 2005
People from Italy (Italia) or America with Italian decent. Must be more then 50% to be considered "Italian". Dark skinned (olive), black or brown hair, brown eyes, hairy (usually), good looking. There names usually end in an, A, E, I, or O. Usually have big penis's. Are considered "white" by Cenus when there really Latin, not Latino/Hispanic. Speak the most sexy language, have the best food, and make the nicest cars. Everyone wishes they were Italian.
Black kid 1: Look at that white kid.
Black kid 2: He aint white, hes italian, just look at him.
Black kid 1: Shit, hope his family didnt hear that...
Black kid 2: Hope they didnt, if they did they would probably kill you.
Italian kid: You guys know i gota bigga dick then you...
Black kids (1-2): Probably, your italian
by Giano October 04, 2006
The people that whooped everyones ass in the FIFA Championships of 1982, and 2006.
Nobody scored on them in the Championships of 2006 except for an Auto-Goal, and a penalty kick given to France in the finals that wasn't worth it.
Either way we won. To bad fuck off.
We make good pasta. We have good sex.
And we have family values. And actually eat dinner at a reasonable time with EVERYONE sitting down at the table.
Fuck is wrong with these Americans eating at 6 or 5, and not even eating together.
Fuck is with TV Dinner?
Damn I cant stand stereotypes. Italians kick ass.
Ciao saluti ai tutti mie fratelli and sorelle di Italia!!!
Viva la Italia!
by M-boy July 09, 2006
As in "More beautiful than all others"
Decendants from a race of people who are THE most beautiful in body, mind and spirit.We only came to America to grace you with our heritage! Thank us, WE put the BEAUTIFUL in "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL
by ANNA August 13, 2004
From Italy, Italian background or (50%). If your one of those guys who has like 1/4 Italian in you, your still a brother too. Best food in the world, good looking, layed back people. Humorous and good lovers. Usually have large a penis. Darker hair, sometimes very dirty blond, depends if you are from the north or the south. Darker skin. If you are Italian and you talk with an accent that is normal. But if you don’t that doesn’t make you
non-Italian. Very smart people, great architects. Just look at Rome. Fuck you to all the racists out there who think we all wear umbro and adiadas with Cesar hair, and have mafia connections. The Italian family will stand up for each other till death. Close nit big families. Good sense of style. Easy to tell if Italian by last name. Usually good people and easy to be friends with but can snap if rubbed the wrong way. If brought up a tough area will be an amazing fighter. Great red wine.
My italian brother was my best friend and loved by all.
by frankie giacomelli January 23, 2007
Italian people are just people from italy or people with italian heritage. they dont eat domino pizza, wear fat gold chains, talk wiv stupid voices, play accordians or work for d mafia. all you stupid ppl out there hu pretend to be italian gangsters should choke on that fako crap you call pizza. and to all you stupid racist bitches who say that they're all mafioso, greasy patriotic twats, just take a look around a second. everyone has a right to be proud of they're country, especially italy, who got alot to be proud of. so fuck u haters. get a life. specially dat moosh guy.
Wannabe Italian: Shuta your face, or i get my papa to fuck you up, he in da mafia, u kno, he a big boss, ye?

Real Italian: stow it fatty.


Real italian: Fuck you.

Wannabe italian: yeah!!! you kno my papa, he fuck u up....

Real Italian: no, really, shut up.
by _~*Jewels*~_ May 22, 2006
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