Itai(noun) A Italian person.
I hate those fucking Itais.
by AZ+RC February 26, 2005
Top Definition
Japanese, used to express pain
*someone falls on their butt* "Itai.."
by Farfello April 28, 2004
A an expression of pain in Japanese
"Itai!" ("That hurts!")
by C-chan November 06, 2003
Itai is a name commonly used throughout the Jewish faith and is of a Hebrew origin.

Itai's are usually fun, energetic people and love to meet new people and socialize. Most Itai's are successful in life and will live to be content with their lives.

Most people like to hang around with Itai's as they enjoy the activities and energies surrounding Itai's.

Itai's often make good friends and are usually very caring.
Have you seen Itai? I wish he were here.
by Paulx134 February 18, 2010
A derogatory term for an Italian
bazza: i hate you fucking itais!!!
strange bloke: but im Swiss
bazza: yeah... well i hate them too!!!
by Tred McGnarly September 04, 2006
one of the coolest adjective, verb, and verb.
Man that Itai is the sweet.
by Mr.G September 07, 2003
Language of Origin: Hebrew
an itai is a ferociously ugly jewish red-head, commonly mistaken with an isnai, which in hebrew means "nickelodeon" home to the sitcom pete & pete
I ran over an itai with my tricycle yesterday.
by jeff loves to jam January 08, 2005
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