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Use 1: a phrase used to politely disregard(in a cool-nicca-sorta-way) what another individual has said. especially when you don't care.

Use 2: used to fill awkward silence in place of lame cliched phrases such as "good times"

Use 3: a way to stop the current convo and switch to another topic more suitable to your cultured tastes
1. lame-Joe: heyy did u know the Superbowl XXXXXXXVII is on tomorrow!

cool-Jim: meh, it's whatevs. anyways man, i gotta go. i've got the oven. Peace. (leaves lame-joe in the dust)
2./3. lame-Joe finishes telling story that no one cares about.
L-J -"haha, that was soo funny! don't u guys think so??"

posse-"haha.. ya.. sure.."

C-J -"meh, it's whatevs. YO! did you guys see Lebron KILLIN Kobe in the Game 7 of the Finals?!?!?!"
by "C-J" May 10, 2009
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