Torquay sluttish female
"Come on lads lets go check some 'its' down the venue"
by Woody January 19, 2003
Dave from Essex
Oh god, not iT again! He's such a Spaz (See Spaz)
by Haml0r August 12, 2003
A revolutionary field, department, career, or job where utilization of human and technological interaction and information with an exponential progression and ever changing combination and communication of technical support, design, development, creation, use, processing, conversion, analyzation, study, storage, retreival, management and organization of any analog or digital information. Which includes the use of technology by any means to convert analog ie. written, visual, and auditory information to store and retrieve by any digital or technological means, and the conversion to digital from analog and digital to analog conversion or presentation. To store any pre-existing or new knowledge, new creation of data, in any form either by conversion of the analog form of knowledge to digital or already in a digital state or any other digital form of information and by using or creating technology with the data to retrieve, create, analyze, use, and store information within a system or process of any kind by its most fundamental representation of either a one or a zero in its most simple and logical state in which all digital information is stored in a binary form and is represented by either on or off, a 1 or a 0.
Ask someone in IT. They will know the answer or if they don't they'll figure it out.
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by Josh G. @ Century September 09, 2016
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