The superlative in a class of objects. A non-profane, usually last second alternative to the shit when you are compelled to censor oneself in polite company.
When Jesus walked into Jerusalem, he knew that, as far as prophets go, he was it.
by Darin January 21, 2004
A person who you can't tell what gender they are. (i.e A female with no boobs and really short hair who dresses in baggy clothing)
Katelyn: Is that a chick or a dude?
Fuu: It's an it until further notice.
Tess: Stop being mean...
by Fuu Ikari June 02, 2007
1. A short word in teh english language, usu. used to describe some inatimate onject

2. An insult that means you are saying that someone has no gender-specific sex- organs

3. well, duh.. sex
Can 2 its do it?
by NIK January 19, 2004
A word that is used to talk about something that is not human.
The cat licked its paws.

When a plant grows, it extends its roots into the ground.

The computer functions with the circuitry embedded within its motherboard.
by AYB April 06, 2003
A word describing an excessively talkative or irritating person, who, despite being told to shut up constantly, continues to talk as if no one said so.

An it might have at least a few of the following qualities:

-a tendency of suddenly joining into conversations without anyone letting him/her to
-snooping in other peoples' business
-talking for hours on end
-talking about random things
-tapping people on the shoulder excessively
-following you around because he/she things you're his/her "friend"
-inviting herself to things when she's obviously not wanted
-very likely to be bullied a lot.
-Doesn't like to hang up the phone until you've said yes to her
-Always has to know where, when, why, and with whom you are doing what you're doing
-is immature and says and does extreme things in public, like asking asian people what they think an article of clothing is in exaggerated english
-Will try to make you seem like a liar even if you're telling the truth
-The biggest hypocrite in the world with a really annoying high pitched voice

When it finally finds out that he/she is being ignored or not liked, he/she will go into a fit of anger and blames everyone for nothing.

It: "What are you doing today?"

Me: "I have plans. Sorry"

It: "Are they with Joey?"

Me: "Maybe."

It: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Nothing"

It: "Can I join you?"

Me: "I...don't...know..." - Hangs up

10 seconds later -- text message

It:"Can i join you? Unless you don't want me :("

Me: Fine.

It: Are you sure, cuz if you don't want me...

Me: Fine. BYE

10 seconds later --text message

It: Can I reallyyyy join you? Are you sure you want me?

Me: Burns phone.
by M. Joey April 06, 2009
Cannabis. Most commonly used with the expression "leagalize it".
"Leagalize it"
"Did you get any it?"
"This it is the shit"
by erkx March 10, 2009
Exaggerated overrated version of it, converted to acronym.
Looks like everyone's doin IT these days.
by Hercolena Oliver May 04, 2008
Used to reference a person who may appear to be gender inspecific. Generally used in the third person. This isn't suggesting that 'it' is a third gender but merely agreeing to reference the person in a gender neutral way. Often applied to girls with short hair (dykes?) and boys with long hair (jesus?).
Mr a: "is that person a boy, girl or an it?"
Mr b: "i dunno but its ugly!"
by Monki-info July 09, 2005
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