The superlative in a class of objects. A non-profane, usually last second alternative to the shit when you are compelled to censor oneself in polite company.
When Jesus walked into Jerusalem, he knew that, as far as prophets go, he was it.
by Darin January 21, 2004
Dave from Essex
Oh god, not iT again! He's such a Spaz (See Spaz)
by Haml0r August 12, 2003
Cousin to the Adams Family.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
I road it, and it was slow.
by defythereds April 22, 2003
To have sensual relations with another mammal.
Did you do it to it.
by Yadseut December 11, 2005
what? IT!!! SI!!!! duh
wanna do it? do what? it!!
by kisses and fun February 16, 2003
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