The superlative in a class of objects. A non-profane, usually last second alternative to the shit when you are compelled to censor oneself in polite company.
When Jesus walked into Jerusalem, he knew that, as far as prophets go, he was it.
by Darin January 21, 2004
-what i can't seem to find, understand, or think of
-that thing guys always seem to want
guy: you know...we can
me: i dont get it
by apple fuzz May 01, 2006
a movie that started off a little scary and freaky, but that ends when you see the end.
a fucking giant spider? c'mon, steven coulda made something better.
by george May 15, 2005
derr... it means it, you dickhead
Stop it now you dickhead!!!
by It's none of your business January 11, 2005
Impersonal pronoun. (Seriously, things like "cock" and "dave" are really fucking stupid.)
I was on but it stopped working.
by Bundle Of Sticks March 25, 2004
to call someone by the name of "it"
Hey it(lil girl 4 example) get out of my my
by phil September 19, 2003
The festival held by the band Phish in Limestone Maine in August of 2003.
IT was the coolest thing ever!
by Team Volvo August 22, 2003
Torquay sluttish female
"Come on lads lets go check some 'its' down the venue"
by Woody January 19, 2003
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