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Meaning used by people that don't want to let on that they are actually upset. Usually used by someone who is angry but doesn't want to have a row.
"I'm sorry I didn't come over last night like and promised and instead went to the pub"
"It's fine"
by marth94 October 16, 2011
acting nice so as not to hurt someone's feelings but not really wanting to

1. usually said by a girl
2. saying that it's fine but not really meaning it
boyfriend: i'm sorry i couldn't take you out on our anniversary that we've been planning for weeks, something came up
girlfriend: it's fine.
by eustacia June 04, 2006
When something be it good or bad happens, the situation is automatically going to be ok. Most times when you break something or get a bad grade.
person 1 - Dude i think i just broke that light.
person 2 - It's fine!

person 1 - I screwed the pooch on my test man.
person 2 - Don't worry, it's fine!
by dapperdan5 February 28, 2011